Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010
Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, nearly 2 500 greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2241
"Congratulations~~~~~~~from NanJing , China"

"Congratulations! this is not the only best achievement a physicist can have, this reward is just give feeling to others!"

"Congratulations, all physical students love you."

"Congratulations! Geim and Novoselov for the Nobel Prize."
/Dr. Mahesh Sankarapillai

"It is good to see this award went to such a novel concept. A new field from Scotch tape and pencils."

"Surely the greatest achievement in Science. Best Wishes for the future to you both. Thank you for what you have given the world."
/Jerry Ludlow

"i can say nothing ,but just eureka!!!!!!!!!!! let your invention start a new revolution in the field of science.all the best"
/STUDENTS OF "TIPSE" from tamil nadu,india

"congrates for ur outstanding performances.........."
/Sandeep Thalore

"Congrats to the 2010 prize winners. Amazing properties of the Graphene, i hope this discovery will serve humanity in peace not in war."
/Adnan Ali , kuwait

/sanjay upadhyay,india

"Congrats from IMDEA Energy"

"Congratulations!!!!from Elridge Sammy, Cape Town, South Africa."
/Elridge Sammy

"Congratulations both of you from the bottom of my heart. Yours achievement provide me a lot of enthusiasm to work hard in my research."

/wang zhe

"Proof that you don't allways need milion dollar equipment to find the most interesting phenomena. Congratulations."

"Congratulations on this extraordinary accomplishment!!"

"best wishes sirs........"

"Congratulations! Geim and Novoselov Your work worth more than Nobel Prize. Now is the time you celebrate for the best work of the decade."
/Gemechu Fanta

"I love physics and love who thous people who work for man kind.. Thank you Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov."


"Graphene rules!"

"congratulation sir for your great achivement. hope it will take physics ahead to make humans leave a better live."
/vikramaditya nayak, INDIA

"russian best!"

""Congratulations to Prof Geim and Prof Novoselov""

"congrats to the noble prize winners"
/Saratha, India

"Congratulation that your work has been appriciated as Nobel Prize, Best of luck,"
/Awan Chaulagain, Australia

"Congratulations, Konstatntin!"
/Vera from Reno/Nevada

"Congratulations to Nobel Laureates in Physics AD 2010. from Mr. Damir Gradiš, astronom"
/Abdul Hannan SECP Islamabad Pakistan

"Amazing ! coming generations will built their future on the foundations of this discovery with the benefits of Graphene something like sc"

"muchas felicidades al premio nobel de fisica konstatin novoselov le das una gran ayuda a la investigacion en materiales muchas felicidades"
/juan carlos ruiz de la cruz

"Congratulations 2 both of you.i always feel good when i get known that some thing new has been introduced in phy."
/yasir from pakistan

"Congratulations Prof Geim and Dr. Novoselov. more discoveries to come..."
/Carlo, Philippines

"As a Physics student, both of you are an inspiration! Congratulations guys."
/Lucky Joe Matyora

"congrtulation for this greatest achievement"

/Dr.D.S.Sarma and Sri K.G.Murali Mohan from INDIA

"congratulations for getting the nobel prize. i surprised to see your discovery that is originated from pencil. hats off to you both..."

"congratulations to the noble prize winners"
/satyendar sunkara

"Congratulations Dr. Andre Geim and Dr. Konstantin Novoselov. I'm sure your work on graphene will play a major role in electronics of future"
/Visakh, India.

"Это доказательство ,что в СССР было самое лучшее и доступное образование"
/Дима , СПб

"Congratulations for your great achievement.All glory and honor to the LORD."
/A.Lakshman, UNITECH,Papua New Guinea

"congratulations you truly deserve it."
/M berahman

"Great work this will bring new revolution in the world of touch scree.. Thank you"

"oh, its great work and inspiration for all the world. CONGRTULATIONS!"
/Satyendra Kumar, SDCET Ghaziabad, India

"Congratulations to Nobel Laureates in Physics AD 2010. from Mr. Damir Gradiš, astronom URL:"
/Mr. Damir Gradiš

"Well done! You are an inspiration to young scientists like me.""
/Stephen Lyth

"Congratulations! Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for your great contribution to the world. Firoz Khan, Delhi, India"
/Mohd Firoz Khan

"Congrtulations. Its a research for bright future"
/SATYENDRA KUMAR, Ghaziabad India

"Excellent work! Congratulations, I agree truly inspiring!"
/yaris, México

"A great work by Andre Gein & Novoselov. Its truly a reserach by full efforts. Many many congrtulations on this sucess. SATYENDRA KKUMAR"
/Satyendra Kumar, Astt. Prof. Sunder Deep College of Engg.& Tech. , Ghaziabad, India

"Felicitaciones por su trabajo, ojalá y lo compartieran con la comunidad científica de América Latina."
/Omar Enrique Patiño Correa

"Awesome Work, You're The inspiration for young people like us, thank you!"

"tremendous job!many many congratulations for the success u deserved..."

"well done"

"Congrats! Hats off your dedication in physics"

"congratulations for your great work sir."
/Santosh Kaushik

"Congratulations for your Great Work"
/satish mahadik



"Congratulations to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for both of your, Great Work!! , hope our future technology will be more brighter."
/Kevin Xu

"How did you guys manage to get the Graphene layer off that sticky tape??"

"Congratulations from Colombia"
/Arturo Spin

"I am so happy for you, Andre and Kostya! Удачи и счастья!"
/Жена физтеха, Торонто. Канада

"Congratulations to the lucky men."
/Jian Liu

"This really helps bring Graphene to common day to day conversations. The applications are endless! Congratulations!"
/Angel Cruz

"Wooow! Graphene is amazing! Great Job boys! Fantastic!"
/Brazilian guy

"Well done Russians!!"

"Congratulations! Andre & Konstantin, you really boosts the morale of other physics researchers. This would be the 'nanoest' of the nano tech"
/Erwin Alonzo, WMSU-Physics Dept./Philippines

"no se que coño hicieron pero felicitaciones"

"Congratulations !! You have shown the path other to follow."
/Akhileswar Patel.

"Good Job Guys. Can't wait to see this product in the market and in the hands of everyday consumers."

"Felicitaciones para Andre Geim y Novoselov Konstantin por los resultados en las propuedades del grafeno."

"Congratulations!! Next challange is its` industrial application"

"Congratulation to both of you for the marvelous work on a marvelous matter -graphene."
/D Talukdar

"Utmost Congratulations for the exceptional accomplishment in Physics.That is a real pride for both Britain and Russia."
/Bouzekri Chakroune, Beni Mellal-Morocco-E.mail,GSM:+212-0610786844

"Super ste. Pozdrav iz Srbije"
/Zoran Radosavljevic

"Congratulations to both Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. It`s salutary help the quantum physics and chemistry researcher."
/Dr. M. Abdulla-Al-Mamun

"Congratulations to both of you for the great work. We looking forward to your discovery!"
/Sohail Ahmed

"A giant leap for material science. Congratulations"
/George Quaye Tema Ghana

"I read about this in Discover Magazine! How exciting and significant! Congratulations :D"
/Teffy Hinkle

"congratulations , your creativity deserved it."
/Oguz Turker

"Congratulations! Your work will truly advance the human race! You are true heroes."

"Congratulations for such a wonderful research and its applications!"
/Nieves Monge/ Spain

"Congratulations! A touch of the unforeseeable future. This is great."
/Per Zachrisson

"Congrats for discovering the future electronic material, the graphene.."

"Congratulations!!!!!! From UzhNU,Ukraine"
/Doctor Pavel

"Congratulations for this price. I'm proud for the russian education you had."
/Ryschkov Nikolaj

"Congrats from ROMANIA.Let's see graphene being put to work in medicine and IT&C industry first. also some new space suits for Mars missions."
/Andrei Loghin

"I will never think of scotch tape as an ordinary office supply item ever again!"
/Curry Taylor

"Congratulation for graphene community. This prize helps graphene researchers to develop its application."
/Hosein Cheraghchi, Iran

"Congratulations to Dr. Andre Geim and konstantin Novoselove"
/Martin John

"Congratulations, you deserve it"
/Rene C Mugenzi

"Congratulations... I am looking forward to a future with your discovery!"
/Jim Bradbury

"Мои поздравления!!! Молодцы."

"Congratulations ! One of the prime contributions to humanity is physics, and thus, proper respect should be awarded to both of you!"
/Haider Zia

"مبروك لكم يا أبطال"
/mahmoud sindi

"amazing job"
/djebaili abdelghani /algeria

"Congrats for both Geim and Novoselov. Wish you all great success and thanks for the wonderful invention helping human race spearhead ...."
/Rajesh Harikrishnan

"great work congatulatios!!!!!!!!!!!1"

"Truly amazing and inspiring. One thousand times congratulations!"

"Congratulations for your Great Work"
/Ahmed Faraz Rao

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