Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010
Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, nearly 2 500 greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2241
"Work on Graphene is a fantastic breakthough.My best wishes.Hope some Indian researchers win it in the coming future"
/Tridib Das,Bangalore,India

"Greetings and congratulations. I like the potential screen applications."

"Congratulations from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil"
/Mauricio Godoy

"Congratulation to both of you.... This will expedite DNA sequencing process and proteonics research and development"
/Rama Shankar Singh, Santa Clara, US

"congrats......... graphene are interesting......."

"Congratulations for both, Konstantin and Geim, and God Help you, for peace and love to the humanity"
/Ing. Haig A. Terzian

"I hope this goes some way to getting us off of silicon and onto more serious graphene. Congrats!"

"congratulationsn for your great work and being recognized for the same"
/Sachin Kumar, indian school of mines

"keep doing your struggle for the new horizons in physics"


"Congratulations from PAKISTAN and SWEDEN."
/Sofia and Hussain

"Cogratulations ... Great work."
/Soheila Sharegh

"Congratulations and thanks for you contribution to humanity."
/Gustavo Garza

"You created future of technology...............a huge will change the world once more..............congrat"
/Dr Golam Kabir, The Institute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR), UoD, Dundee

"thank you for your revolutionary gift to mankind"
/nawsad and soumik

"congrats . . . What a fantastic work u have done, datz fantastic thinnest nd strongest"
/akash jain

"Congratulation to Dr. Andre Geim & Konstantin 4 dis huge discovery this will enlight d electronic industry"

"Great!! New Hope to Future"

"I was inspired by your "Friday evening experiments." You guys prove that science is really fun."
/Mohamed Hani

"Congratulations to both of you.. This discovery will lead all of us to a new world of graphene based electronics...."
/Shirshendu Dey, Irvine, US

"Congratulation guys. That is great work."
/Geoffrey Nyabuto (Physics Student-KU)

"Amazing Job, what a great contribute to science."

"Congratulations!!! that was amazing about graphene!!!. Dane Cachi. Physicist, CTIC - UNI, Nanosatelite Project"
/Lic. Dane B. Cachi Eugenio

"Congratulations!!! Thanks for making life better."
/Kolade Oyekan

"Congratulations!! Professors... Konstantin and Geim.. I like your work.."
/Syed Ghayyour Ahmed, Pakistan, Dept. of Physics University of Karachi.

""Congratulation.... Hope we can solve some great challenges""
/Dr. Kaushik Ghosh NTU, Singapore

"congrats.... real inspiration to young pupils"

"Congratulations! What about the production and application of the graphene photonic crystals? SU, GSG, Bulgaria"

"Your research will take a revolution of semiconductor physic. Congratulations!!!!!!!"
/wlliam pong from Taiwan,

"congrats both......i regards to your progressive work for people"
/Sandeep singh, punjab india

"congratulations for your revolutionary material the Graphene"
/José Montalván

"Congratulation!!!!!Congratulation for your great discovery.We, the future of earth try to follow you."
/Mentor Dhabal ,India,W.B., Bankura,Amarkanan Deshbundhu Vidyalaya,Ph-9476303336,mail-

"you are an inspiration for us........"
/nick doukoumetzakis

/Stephanie J. Krug (physics student)

/Venkatsh Doddapaneni.KTH,Sweden

"Great work guys...hope ur work is used for constructive n not destructive purposes..!!"
/Abhinav Motheram

"Selamat kepada Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselo atas karya "Groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene""
/Helin Simatupang, Jakarta, Indonesia

"We are proud for you =) ISP SB RAS"
/lab. 7

"congrats for the path breaking expts.your work will certainly provide new avenues in future technology."
/dr bipnn kumar pattnaik,NAYAGARH AUTONOMOUS COLLEGE-752069 INDIA

"Many Congratulations"

"Congratulation....great work"
/Tonmoy Kumar Bhowmick

"congratulations! extend your knowledge to physics teachers in Africa...."
/Mohammed Ridwan from Sapati International School, Ilorin

"Congratulations!!! From Department of Applied Physics University of Karachi."
/Hunain Arbani

"Congratulations! I hope I could win the prize in ten years. PhD student at MIT, US"
/Cube Lifang Li

"Congratz Sir......"
/Anwer Saeed (IIT) Italy

"Congratulation professor's ."
/Mark Kiselgof


"May graphene be the beginning of a long & prosperous career of new discoveries that benefit our world. Thank you for your work!"
/Julie Stevens, United States of America

"Congratulations, gentlemen. I appreciate the work you have done, and it's implications for progress of human endeavors."
/David Salazar

"Brilliant and Well Done !! -And Congratulations!!! Physics is just getting better and better and its revolutionized our understanding"
/Vamsi .P

"Congratulations to all. You make mankind a true gift of the Almighty!"
/Syed Irfan

""Hearty congratulations to all of you sir""
/studens of pondicherry university from India

"Parabéns para vocês, genial!"
/De Oliveira, Romario Luz

"******* great scientist's and great work. congratulation *******"
/P.Jeevanandham research scholar Annamalai University


"Congratulations to Nobel Laureates Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for outstanding contributions in the field of physics"
/D B REGMI, Khandu W sikkim, India

"Congratulation Wishing u will do more work for mankind in future."
/Dipto Sarkar

"Dear Sir, Congratulations and best wishes to both of you"
/A. K. Kushwaha, INDIA

"Congratulations. Wishing another such breaking news from you."
/Ashoke Tanti

"Congratu;aqtions with the Nobel-prize"
/Prof. LHDJ.Booij, Radboud University

"Congratulations! Graphene will be incredibly important to humanity as it moves further into the 21st century."
/Raymond Gellner

""congrats!!!...both of you""

"Congratulations! All the best."
/Charles Ross

"Sir, Congratulations for your contribution in the field of material science and best wishes to both of you"
/Kalpana Awasthi, INDIA


/shanmugha sundaram D /NAL,Bangalore

"От лица администрации Физического сайта kalser_ru поздравляю вас с этой почетной премией. Отныне вы - легенды физики, мы гордимся вами!"

"Огромное спасибо. Вы - пример для научной молодёжи нашей страны. Желаю новых достижений в науке, здоровья, личного и семейного счастья"
/From Russia

""Congratulations!!!" and thanks a lot for opening a new window of electrical engineering & many."
/Abhijit Chattaraj

"Well done!!!"
/Lautaro musiani


"I'm so happy that russians won this price.Congradulations,you are on the right way"
/Igor Onoyko

"congrats!!!!!!!!!! this prize was given to the right person! :)"

""Congratulations!! your work inspires me""
/Edgar Vega - Master of Materials Science and Engineering-PUCP


"congratulations,for your wining nobel prize"
/shubham asthana

"******* great scientist's and great work. congratulation *******"
/P.Jeevanandham research scholar Annamalai University

"Congratulations to you.Great work !!!"
/imran khan (India)

"Поздравления от БРАЗИЛИИ! Geim and Novoselov: congratulations for your job! (from Brazil)."

"Marvellous Work. Congratsss Sirs on Making Manchester University Proud of You :)"
/Yasir F Joya, School of Materials, The University of Manchester



"Excellent Work!!! Congratulations!!!"

"Congradulations Sir!!!!!!!!!!"
/Research Scholar ACRHEM University of Hyderabad INDIA

"Congratulations from Chair of Scientific Culture and Digital Comunication (C4D), University of Girona (Catalunya) !"
/Pep Anton Vieta

"kudos guys!!!!...hope to see ya getting the next term noble too (with another improvisation in the world of physics)"

/Zhao Xinyou

"Congratulation....great wishes to you"
/Ashis Kumar Mandal

"You people have done a great work. The day is not very far that we will have harry potter kind of newspapers that offer vedio playback !!!!!"

"congratulation........ to both of the 2010 winners. its amaging discovery about graphine. wooohooooo"
/SajehKumar Singh

"Special Thanks to the both of you:Andre Geim konstanstin Novoselov...For the +tive contribution to humanity."
/Nnyigide tochukwu

"Поздравляем Андрея Гейма и Константина Новоселова. Удачи и не расслабляйтесь!"

"Congrats...lot of respect to you bravo....."

/Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman,

/Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Oman,

"well done mate hope u have fun :)"
/stuart hooper

"congratulation, once more carbon allotropes have drawn attention all over the world"
/Ansari, india

"Congratulations to both of you."
/Prakash Vaithyanathan

""Congratulations to both of sir." from kaushik das,tezpur university,assam,india."
/Kaushik Das

"Sir Geim, thank you for your contribution to science with your discovery of graphene. Congratulations!"

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