Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2011
Saul Perlmutter, Brian P. Schmidt, Adam G. Riess

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, nearly 2 500 greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2435

"This is great. So you become part of our giants. Our next generations will be able to stand on your shoulder to see very far. Thank you."
/Dwight Lin, Taiwan

"Greeting from canada, one day ill come join your ranks, at least i hope so.Continue like that i'd love to see the very beginning of history."
/Alex Levesque-Labrèche (Futur Astrophysicien)

"Congratulations,Mr. Einstein would have been very proud to say the least."

"thunb upgreat guys, never relent there are moe discoveries"
/Deji Fadipe, Nigeria

"nice work wh ever it concerns booo. JK!! congrats"
/J L >_<

"WHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for the astronamers who figured out that our UNIVERSE is EXPANDING!!!!!"
/Alexsandrah Clement


"Its only a dream and we must act as we want to"

"Congratulations to you for your work will be a destination for the future generations to work towards! Awesome!"
/Cynthia Hudson


"you are so good people congratulation"

"Greetings from "

"nothing is impossible in this earth by human. you have proved it"

"Great work guys and great achievements now we just have to follow up."

"very well Nobel laureates in physics"
/K H Abou-Easa Egypt

"how ur brains work , always a wonder to me and thanks for giving us inspiration hearty congrats to u all"

"Congratulations! Thank you for revealing a Universe which is even more mysterious and which promises even more astonishing discoveries."
/Ragoomundun Nitish

"Wonderful research by all the three of you. One day I shall become an astrophysicist like the three of you"
/Amogh Chakravarthy

"Congratulations.. to win a giant gift..Use your abilities to preserve world..make a world a better place."
/Paresh Dave

"Congratulations to the team for exciting findings...."
/Eswaraiah VARRLA

"Thank you for deciphering this complicated world for us."
/Victor D.

"this world is under the control of physics."
/Dev Acharya

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'll be a Nobel laureate in physics one day!!!"
/Soon to be Dr. Hinojos

":) this makes me happy"

"Congratualtion!! from bethlehem, Palestine"
/Ghassan Shahin

"My warmest greetings and hearty congratulations on the astounding discovery."
/Ramanath Cowsik

"GREAT JOB tell neil bohr i was his biggest fan god blessa america"
/Mrs bieber

"thanks for exploring the universe which is strange to common man without your extreme effort. it is a great knowledge initiative in physics."

"a googleplex of bravos for your work!"
/dennis emrich

"It is a milestone observations that will shape the theory of Universe. Congrats to Prof. Saul, Brian,and Adam for their acheivement."
/Dr. P K Kalita, Assam INDIA

"i need help with vectors"

"Thank you Saul, Brian, and Adam for showing us this fact. Without it our future is certainly unknown."
/Duy Hoang


"your rad bra! (: ): keep it real bro han !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Congratulations! Thanks to your win, I'm inspired in many ways. I look forward to the future of this branch in physics"

""Good job! Congratulations!""

"sir, felicitation"
/rasmita mohapatra

"Well done,it is good to know people like you guys exist you are a motivation to young scientist around the world keep the fire buring."

"Congratulations to you all…… Let your discovery ‘on expansion of universe’ my bring more light on unknown mysteries in the areas of astronom"
/C.N.Laxminaraqyana,Education Officer, Dist. Science Centre, Gulbarga,India

"congratulations! As a geography student i learn and understood lot from your finding."
/S. Vimal

"Well done lads and lasses."

"divyasurya sahasrasya"

"Good job! Congratulations!"

"congratulations u guys r very smart and really earned this!!!"

"All the world is proud of you"

"hey, this is such a great website wilth all these incredibly smart people. Well done."

/lovely sally.

"Marry me, you clever boy!"

"This is just such a wonderful achievement for you all, so proud to be a citizen of your country."

"With might did I (Allah) constructed the heaven(universe) and verily I'm extending it wide. Holy Qur'an chapter-51, verse-47"

"Go guys!!!! You gave me a topic for my finals paper! :) You also contributed hugely to science."
/Hannah L., UNC

"awesome !!"

"Greetings for your Nobel Prize in Physics!"
/Tsetsa Hristova

"congratulations ! u will be remembered till eternity."
/satyajit sahoo,bhubaneswar,india

"my heartful congratulation for your great achievment."
/ashok kumar behera

/Navid Sultan

"we have to do an essay at school about one of the prizes in one year and I chose to do you three."

"congratulations very good we hope you the best"


"Congratulation for you.I hope to be as you in the science."
/yasmeen qawasmeh

"Allah give you knowledge and respect so please always thanks to Allah."
/Muhammad Azeem Mughal

"Wow, I wonder how could you three do that. Keep observing and find more new discoveries about our universe!"
/Galih Chersy Pujasatria

/sowmya m iyer

"Brilliantly old school, Hubble would have been proud."

"Wow, I'd say that this is one of the most interesting discovery from the discovery of x-rays!!!"

"Nice Job."

"Very well done, you all three."
/Muhammad waqar anwar

"Best prize from all!"
/Mohsin Ali

"Great work by that man! Noble prize of 2012?"
/Mohsin Ali

"congrats! you have done a great job"

"Congratulations you are an inspiration to all of us."
/Thembinkosi Msibi, South Africa

"your discoveries are so amazing have changed the basic ideas and this is indeed a path-breaking discovery!!!!!!"
/Parthiban from INDIA

"congrats sir great discovery........."
/anil nayak

"a hearty and warm congratulations to the best minds..."
/madhurrya p. talukdar, india.

"Congratulations, this is a great discovery, keep it up!"

"Congrtulations on your achievment sirs,you are all my proud and heros i wish i could get talk to you i wish also to get a nobel someday"
/Ronke Okpuzor,Nigeria

"we already know that (dumb ass)"

"Great work. Greetings from Peru (EngPhys student)"
/Virginia Vigo

"Congratulations to all. Lots of wishes for the great contribution to mankind and science."
/Siddharth Shankar Saraf

"Congratulations! :)"

"A lot of congradulations for the nobel laureates of 2011 .I pray to gpod that all of you might live long and add many more feathers ."

"Congratulations! I think the expansion is due to matter evaporation and neutrino emis"
/Gianni Donati

":))) congradulations smarts:)"

"WAY TO GO!!!! Now what the hell will i do with my kids?!"
/jose arcado

"Congratulations to all of you for making me proud of the species I belong to!!!"
/M KAYKOBAD, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Congratulations to all of you for making me proud of the species I belong to!!!"

"My heartiest congratulations ....."
/Yogendra Sharma

"Yo whats up my peeps!! Love ya!!"

"Hello Genious Folks, Keep motivating the whole world to discover the hidden thruths of the life. Congratulation!"
/Rudra Prakash (INDIA)

"I followed this at the time it was happening and thought it was an amazing piece of investigative work. Well deserved."

"Congratulations! Woonnderful work. But who honors the mathhematicians that prepared all you needed?"

"great job for ur innovation"

"congratulations for all of you sir............... good smile....................[all yours] espesially Adam G Riess"
/Jyothis Mary Joseph

"congrtulations, you have done."
/shah nawaazkhan, manipur india

"congragulations did good job how u motivated and get it"

"First of all Congratualation! Your hardwork,determination,devotion in subject and intelligence is inspirational for me."

"Congratulation! sir."
/Deepak Lama. Nepal.

"Ur's great discovery is a guidline 4 up coming science;'congratulation!'"
/Suman Basnet

"I think the prize creates encouragement to scientists for discover the suspense of our great Universe.."

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