Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012
Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2250
"Quantum physics is not the only Physics, Nobel people...! Many other areas look closer to Earth and are more connected to our needs."

"congratulation is what I can say"

"Congratulations Sir !!!"
/Deepali Tyagi

"Congratulations, well done,厉害啊,再接再厉"

"congrats to both of in this happiest moment"
/Somasekar N

"My english isn't very good.You maybe don't know what I say.But you must be know this word that "you are very successful"
/Feng Li

"congrats.........! sir"
/chiranjeevi kollati


"Congratulations!!! I hope it will be beneficial for humanity..."
/Abdul Azeem

"congratulations for your ground breaking discovery Sir and thankyou for your hard work for the humanity."
/Kangkan Paul India

"Brune et Raimond se sont bien fait avoir!!!"


/Jauza Akbar Krito

"congratulation to both of you as well your families from all INDIAN FAMILIES."


"You have made study of Physics even more lucid and interesting for students like me. Congratulations to you and the Nobel Committee!!!"
/Aditya Shiva Appalla

/Okoria Imhanseguahi

"Congratulation from Myanmar............."
/Aye Thant Htoo

"Great work! congratulation!"
/M.Naveen Kumar

"Congratulation sirs............"
/Aye Thant Htoo

"Sir first congratulation and really we the people of physics feel proud."
/Santosh Kumar Satpathy (Sambalpur University, Odisha, India)

/Giancarlo Romeo

"Congratiulations to the both of you!"
/Theresa Ott

"a lot of congratulations........."
/ram prit prajapati

""Physics is the basis of technology"......Many many congratulations to both of you SIR"
/Pradeep Kr Deoli< India

"congratulations! mr.haroche and wineland"

/Md. Alamgir Hossain, Lecturer dept. of Physics , UU. Dhaka

"great job, congrats SIRS"
/nitin mishra

"congratulations, I am Liu Dongjiang, my email is"

"As the laws are built, knowledge and wisdom is celebrated!"
/-Mayuresh Pardeshi

"My Congrats to Both of U....... Sir , I wish Ur NOBEL LECTURE is going to be Simple and Impressive so that people from all backgrounds can get the Idea about Ur revolutionary Brake-through."

"both of you have made the world understand the importance of quantum mechanics....congratulations to both of you"
/ayush garg

"congrats sir"
/Dr. mahajan

"My Congrats to Both of U....... Sir , I wish Ur NOBEL LECTURE is going to be Simple and Impressive so that people from all backgrounds can get the Idea about Ur revolutionary Brake-through."

"Great work! congratulation!"

"Many Many Congratulations sir!"
/Sagar E. Shirsath

"Congratulations Sir, I love you both of them"
/Kalidoss Rathinam

"Many Many Congradulation for ur glorious giveing to the world"
/Gyana , Odisha (INDIA)

"Congratulations With your work, we now see very clear that quantum physics is a truly fundamental of every thing"
/Bhusana Premanode

"your innovation may lead the people to good or bad,but your hard work behind this work will be noticed by the keep working on it..."

"Congratulations very much"
/Jithender L, India

"congratulations sir..."
/Dipak Sahay

"congrgulations verymuch"
/Jithender L

/Femi Abiodun, LA Nigeria

"Congratulations Sir.."
/Rubia Gupta(India)


/bhanu bhadwal

"Indeed, the quantum information is a good subject. The work done at the appropriate time helps. CONGRATULATIONS."
/Keshav Shrivastava

"congratulations sir"

"congratulations sir"
/alam ,india

"soooooooooo working i am glad sir thanks you sir"
/ganesh neupane from nepal

"the theory atomic is false"

"congratulation sir!!!!!!!!!! yours"
/ganesh neupane from nepal

"Many congratulations. U both lived urs dream"
/Rakesh Pandit JnK India

"First congratulations and I want to say I could do better than you"
/A normal Chinese

/Sanjit Chakraborty

"congratulations sir, its such an honour to congratulate you, I am also a student of physics."
/naushad alam

"Congrats sir"
/Ashok kumar

"Congrats :What a brilliant, hard and thought provoking work of yours, Let your personality be inspiration to younger generations! ! ! ! !"
/Viswanath B R, Education officer, Visvesvaraya Ind & Tech Museum, Bangalore, India


"Dear Serge & David Congratulation for the Nobel Prize in quantum systems. I have done rresearch in Quantum "
/Inder Cheema

"Congratulations! Science rocks!!"
/Oscar Almén


"You are my inspiration and thanks to both of you for reminding me the purpose of my life."
/Sujit Pattnaik

"You are my inspiration and thanks to both of you for reminding me the purpose of my life."
/Sujit Pattnaik

"Congratulations to both of them.They have done a great job as it's needed for the newly generation obviously faster something.Thanks to them"

"And now, we have a possible method to full utilization of quantum computing, many times more powerful than regular. Congratulations!"
/A. Nonymous

"Congratulations professors.. your methods mark as fundamental building blocks of future Quantum world..."
/Mahesh Chandra

"congrats a lot sir"
/Rupesh Sharma

"Congratulations, it's really incredible to see quantum properties of the matter itself by undestructive methods. Félicitations m. Haroche!"

"Congratulations sir!!"

"Congrats .. Great to see Quantum Mechanics in the limelight !"

"A crack into a new era of physics is worth of a nobel prize traditionally."

"congrats sir"
/manasa chinthalapally

"congratulation to both of you... I respect your knowledge"

"congratulation to both of You for your devotion in science"
/Ijaz Ali , Scientist KPK pakistan

"great does'nt matter that i am not from ur country but its great pleasure for me that i am belong to PHYSICS"
/Prashant singh,india

/Avinash Singh baba

"congratulations for exploring secrets of nature"
/madhukar tripathi

"Gongxi gongxi "
/Reed Tangs from China

"congratulations ............"

"Congratulations! A great achievement."
/Dr. Umesh Yadava, INDIA

"Congratulation to winner."
/Asad Iqbal, Bangladesh

"And miles to go after this remarkable invention....we congratulate our scientist and wish and expect them to do more and more ..."
/S.Saravanakumar Asst.Prof,NS Eng Collge Theni,India

"Пацаны, вообще ребята"
/Мороз Илья

"well deserved! congratulations on this achivement. I love physics and I am very happy to have people like you in this world"
/Sandra Camargo from Bolivia

"Congratulations Prof. Serge Haroche and Prof. David J Wineland on their pathbreaking methods in the field of Quantum Mechanics."
/Aditya Shiva

/Praveen Kumar Goud Puppala

"Your insight on bafflingly absurd and beautifully complex aspects of nature is inspiring baby."
/Timothy P.

/Manoj Karmacharya

/prakash ghimire

"All the best day I will beat your invention and win the noble prize."

"Congratulation Sir!!!"

"quantum mechanics rocks/"

"Congra....from MYANMAR."


"Congratulations ..."

"Congratulations to both of you! Hope you can make more breakthroughs in physics!"

"This is a great example of human achievement! Thank you for inspiring the young generation!"
/Silvia Sanchez!

"Many Congrats! This may change the way we lead the life in the future.Thanks."

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