Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012
Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2250
"Many Congrats! This may change the way we lead the life in the future.Thanks."

"God Bless"
/sumit INDIA

"Great work! Nice to see that not everybody crawled into a rabbit hole of string theory."

"Hands on for the Genius of 2012 .. Bravo Genius"

"From Tunis-TUNISIA to the deepest Photon of your Quantum Sirs !! Congratulations"
/Aboubaker Bouras

"Congratulations !!!"
/Hari Shankar Mallik , Nepal

"congrats...... let us see nature in its depth"


"Awesome job. Nice work"

"Awesome job. Nice work"

"Congratulations ! May someone from China can have the higheat prize in Science in the near future!"
/Zou Kun

/Wei Xu

"Congrats!! And thank you for your efforts for humanity! I hope you can gonna give more and more as much as what prize mean."
/Abdlrahman Khalil, Iraq

"Congratulations on your winning the prize!"
/Hsing Ho Wan

"Congratulations on this laudatory recognition of your work."
/Don Lively

"Happy Birthday!"
/Some Guy

"Congratulations to you both Dr. Haroche and Winland"
/Ramesh Petigara, Ph. D.

"Thanks Haroche and Wineland for the amazing work!"
/Bruno Rostirolla

"Congratulations Gentlemen, your results will help create our future!!"
/Robert Dreamrealist Hedlerfog

"Congratulations, your findings will create the future!!"
/Robert Dreamrealist,

"A brohoof to you good sirs. /)"
/Derpy Hooves

"Congratulations and thank you for your passion and curiosity. May you both continue to discover more for all."
/Millie B. USA

"I'm learning about your work in my Quantum class. What you have accomplished is beyond awesome!"
/Joseph Guy

"Congratulation A lot of thanks and appreciation for your effort. Your break through will open a new challenges and opportunities for a huge"
/Dr. A. Solieman

"Congratulations for your excellent work. Mis felicitaciones por su excelente trabajo. Jallalla waly suma lurawinacamata, from Bolivia"
/Carlos Chambi Paco

"tahaneena (congratulations in Arabic)"
/mahmoud ameen

/some dude

"Congratulations Gentleman, I am interested In Physics as a major for College, Any Suggestions from you?"
/Callie Florida

"Congratulations to both of you sir"
/Subhadip Kundu

"muchas felicidades"

"Oh yea"
/DIck Graffton

"My congratulation for both of u"
/Zeyad Hamdan - U.A.E

"congratulation sirs you both are geniuses"
/ekene onyiriuka

"Quantified congratulations!"

"*\(^_^)/* づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ"

"Conradulations and thanks for giving us an advancement in Physics"
/freddy cisneros

"Congrats to the person who made physics lolz"

/Dr. Skippy

"Salutations, congradulations. Heh heh, that rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it. ;)"
/Dr. Danielle

"Congratulations, your work will influence so much of what is to come."
/Mark Platts

"i salute these extraordinary men who changed the understanding of nature ."

"Thank you for your great contribution to this fascinating subject. I hope one day I'll be among the first programmers of quantum computers!"

"Congratulation Sir.... and thank u for inspiring me."

"Congratulations on your discoveries---perhaps we might all partake in the new knowledge as you do. Cheers !"
/Christina E

"congratulation sir. long live for physics"
/hidam gobind meetei, manipur


"love it!"

"Dear David, youre mustashe is awesome"

"Congratulations from West Jefferson Science Olympiad Team in Quinton, Alabama"

"31 questions with evidence are True, fact and practicability from science aviation space and satellite prove that: The Earth is standing still, Earth is stationary It is not turn around itself and not revolve around the Sun Day and Night form during orbit the Sun around the Earth Four season form by the Sun transition between cancer and Capricorn during orbiting around the Earth My name : Captain Nader Jneid From : Syria Damascus Qualification : Airline Transport Pilot F.A.A Flight Dispatcher F.A.A Flight Engineer F.A.A Discoverer the Fact: The Earth does not turn around itself and do not orbit around the Sun Specializes in: Astronomy, Air and space navigation, Mechanic space Hijri and Gregorian Calendar Prayer Timings Cell : 00963933813169 Telephone: 00963 11 5412213 Very…. Very… Very… Important To avoid playing in the expression and speech, 1. We are looking to the universe that Earth North Pole up 2. It is wrong to say the Earth rotate from west to east, 3. As Copernicus theory the Earth rotating counter clockwise direction around it self. Questions 1 Does the universe orbit around the Earth, Or not?? If the universe orbiting around the Earth , what is the direction of his orbiting? Is it clockwise opposed Earth rotation , Or counter clockwise same Earth rotation? My evidence: If the universe not orbiting around the Earth (standing still) I agree that the Earth rotate Or If the universe orbiting around the Earth that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 2 2 Spacecraft orbit around the Earth 360 degree, reference to fix point on the Earth, 1st: Same Earth rotating directions counter clockwise 2nd: opposite Earth rotating direction clockwise My evidence If Spacecraft Direction same Earth rotating counter clockwise takes more time than Spacecraft Direction clockwise I agree that the Earth rotating around its self and revolve around the Sun But if the time less, that means: The universe orbiting the Earth direction counter clockwise and the Earth is standing still Questions 3 When NASA put geostationary Satellites in orbit, Is their orbital direction counter clockwise or clockwise? My evidence If they put direction counter clockwise like the Earth rotate I agree that the Earth rotate around its self and revolve around the Sun, Or: If they put geostationary Satellites direction clockwise opposite the Earth rotate that mean the Earth is standing still Question 4: When the spacecraft returns to the Earth, do the Astronauts in NASA calculate Earth's rotation around itself and revolve around the Sun? My evidence If they calculate, I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or : If they If do not calculate that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 5 Does NASA flight center, all pilots and dispatchers calculate Earths rotation around it self and revolve around the Sun when making flight plan? My evidence If they calculate, I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or : If do not calculate that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 6 Did the spacecraft or satellites photograph the Earth's orbiting around the Sun? My evidence If they photograph Earth's revolve around the Sun I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or: If they do not photograph that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 7 When Russia decided to terminate space station Mir and drop it in the ocean, Did the engineers calculate Earth's rotation around itself and revolve around the Sun? My evidence If they calculate, I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or If do not calculate that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 8 If the Earth rotates on its axis law...Centrifugal Force= mass × speed square ÷ radial mass = 100 KG Earth radial = 6400 km = 6400000 meter Earth rotation speed at equator 1667 km/h = 463 m/sec C. F = 100 x 463 x 463 ÷ 6400000 = 3349 grams While within the circle of the pole Centrifugal Force = zero So your weight must deferent more than 3 k.g between the equator and the pole, My evidence Actually, the gravity difference less 200 grams between the equator and pool that mean Centrifugal Force is zero and the Earth not rotate but it is standing still Questions 9 Foucault pendulum rotation comes from Carioles force, and not from Earth rotation. Also Carioles force comes from universe orbiting around the Earth, and not from Earth rotation. In meteorology sciences: High-pressure forces air to move towards low pressure, and Carioles force effect air deviate to the right in the Northern Hemisphere. My evidence This is what happens with the Foucault pendulum, it begins vibration movement then Carioles force begins to deviate to the right until complete pendulum rotation circulating, exactly happened In meteorology . Questions 10 Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth Eclipse period takes 8 hours on the Earth. According to Copernicus theory: 1 - Sun is stationery 2 - The Moon orbits around Earth 12 degrees, per 24 hours, So the Moon will orbit around Earth 4 degrees within the eclipse period of 8 hours direction counter Clockwise 3 - Earth within 24 hours will turn around itself direction counter clockwise 360 degrees, or 360 longitudes, Within the eclipse period of 8 hours, the Earth turns around itself 120 degrees or 120 longitudes direction counter clockwise As above 1, 2 & 3 : If the Solar eclipse began over longitude Greenwich 000 And the Earth turns counter clockwise around it self The Solar eclipse will end over longitude 120 West over America My evidence Actually the Solar eclipse began over longitude Greenwich 000 and ended over longitude 120 East over Asia and not America , That means either the Earth turns around itself Clockwise Or the Earth is standing still. Question 11 The movement of the Earth, moon, Sun and stars are relative movements According to reality physics, all spacecraft, satellites, the Dipper, Venus and the moon, including the Sun see them daily orbit around Earth If the Sun was the center of the universe and that the planets revolve around the Sun My evidence Why we are seeing all planets, including the Sun orbit around the Earth, is it means the Earth is standing still and center of the universe. Question 12 All sciences believe the Earth and atmosphere turn together, but these believe is opposite reality physic because Earth is Solid material and atmosphere is gaseous material ,Only one way the gaseous material can turn with the Solid material If we surrounded by solid material, My evidence Does the atmosphere surrounded by solid material If surrounded How can the spacecraft leave and return to atmosphere, if it surrounded by solid material? Questions 13 Assuming that the Earth with the atmosphere turn at the same speed 1667 km / h , counter clockwise direction, and where the atmosphere ends at an altitude of 60 thousand feet , And we fly out of the atmosphere clockwise direction, from Damascus to Los Angeles opposite of the Earth rotation The flight time must be less due to two movement airplane and Earth rotation in opposite direction My evidence If the flight time less, I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or If The flight time increase, that mean the Earth is standing still Questions 14 In Mechanical science if the Earth is stationary, the moon and satellites can turn around the Earth at constant speed angle, But if the Earth revolve around the Sun at 100 thousand km/h, it makes the moon and satellites have 2 movement. The first circuit around the Earth and the second transition around the Sun. Such as a 2 cars white and black in two cases : First case : white car stopping , and the black car turn around the white car at constant speed angle it is easy . Second case: White car moving speed at 100 km/h , To maintain black car circuits around white car, The speed will be 100 km/h when behind the white car, and then increase speed when overtaken, Then decrease the speed to 100 km / h when black car in front white car. Then decrease speed to make white car overtaken Then increasing speed to 100 km/h to back behind the white car. My evidence If the moon and satellites have self powers enable them to increase or decrease their speed to maintain their position for the Earth, I agree that the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun Or If they do not have self power, which mean the Earth is standing still Questions 15 Reality of physics if we rotate a big wheel at speeds of 100 km/h, the wind speed will be strong next to the wheel, And when we move away from the wheel, wind speed will be decreases. Earth is a same big wheel it is solid material and atmosphere is gases material , If the Earth turns around it self at speed 1667 km/h , the atmosphere will turn with the Earth indirectly by friction , My evidence Why wind speed is small next to the Earth and the wind speed increase as we rise from the Earth, it is opposite reality of physics? Questions 16 Astronauts see the Earth turns around itself with the naked eye, but if astronauts calculate the direction of his spacecraft and direction of the Earth rotation, he will sure that Earth does not turn around itself My evidence Why Astronaut see the Earth turns around itself and does not see the Earth's revolve around the Sun? Questions 17 The plane is a solid material like the Earth, and while flying in the atmosphere it displacement the air in front of the movement, If the Earth is moving My evidence Why the Earth does not displacement the air during Earth's revolve around the Sun and why we do not feel the movement of air which result from Earth rotation , but the reality of physics, we feel the movement of the air, if we move at 10 km / h?? Questions 18 Earth is solid material and atmosphere is soft material and able to pressurize, if the Earth revolve around the Sun, the Earth will push the atmosphere during movement, and the thickness of the atmosphere in front of the Earth is less than behind My evidence Why the thickness of the atmosphere equal and homogeneous around the Earth? Question 19 The atmosphere is gas material, which is surrounding the Earth, it is not an object "solid" installed "on the Earth . My evidence Why is gravity Earth able to handle and install the atmosphere during the Earth's rotation around itself at speeds 1667 km/h and around the Sun at speeds 100 thousand km/h , and can not able to handle and install the atmosphere at hurricanes of the fifth degree , which speeds up to 300 km / h? Questions 20 According to astronomers, the Sun gravity is greater than Earth gravity, and Earth gravity is greater than moon gravity, as mathematic Sun gravity is greater than moon gravity. Reality physical, gravity began to withdraw liquid things then solid things , this is what is happening in the ebb and tides The effect of the moon's gravity on the water because the water is easier movement from solids Earth My evidence Why ebb and tides occur when the moon is vertical on the Earth, and does not occur ebb and tides when the Sun is vertical on the Earth? Questions 21 If the moon's gravity greater than the Sun's gravity for the Earth because of the proximity distance My evidence Why moon's gravity can not revolve earth around the moon, but able effect ebb and tides for the sea And sun's gravity can revolve earth around the sun , but can not effect ebb and tides for the sea Questions 22 Air plane Helicopter, on the aircraft carrier, it is a piece of air carrier, if it is flew1 meter ,Does the helicopter is a mass of aircraft carrier, or coming a mass of air? My evidence If aircraft carrier move like the earth, Does the helicopter move with aircraft carrier or will be static like the earth Questions 23 Airplane Pressurize flying and weighs 100 tons and Carrey 100 birds , each bird has weight 50 kg If all birds leave the seats and flew in the airplane at the same time My evidence Does the aircraft weight still 100 tons or becomes 95 tons? Also will the birds stay inside the air plane or be out? Questions 24 If the Airplane not surrounded sold material like old airplane and the birds flew from the seats My evidence Does the air plane weight 100 tons or 95 tons? Do the birds stay in the aero plane or will be out of the air plane? Questions 25 When astronaut walk space he still beside spacecraft because no atmosphere drag, Also the birds still staying in airplane Pressurize because the Airplane surrounded sold material but In Airplane not surrounded sold material, when the birds left seat's plane and flew in airplane not surrounded sold material the atmosphere curb the bird and throw out the plane My evidence Though if the Earth rotate and revolve around the Sun, you will see people leave the Earth and volatilize in the air because of the atmosphere will bound every thing Questions 26 Vans that convey the liquid oil or water have bars in their tanks to anti surge movement of the water during the varying speed of the van to maintain its balance. According to Kepler's laws, the earth moves around the sun's orbit elliptical by attractive sun gravity , and the speed of the transition variable between acceleration and deceleration, this movement will be affected by ocean waters between acceleration and deceleration ,and will occur violent waves in water ocean , and will be the heaviest of the tsunami My evidence Why do not see strong movements of water in the ocean, as we know the earth have not bars anti surge? Questions 27 If the Earth with the atmosphere revolves around the Sun, the speed is 100 thousand km/h, and, the maximum speed of spacecraft 27 thousand km/h If the spacecraft left atmosphere, it would face great difficulty in returning to the Earth, My evidence Spacecraft can leave and return to the Earth easily because the Earth is standing still Questions 28 If the Earth turns around the Sun, and we sent a spacecraft toward the Sun on 21 March, and after 6 months on 23 September, the Earth has revolve 180 degrees around the Sun, and moved to the other side of the Sun. We will not be able to see the Earth from the spacecraft that day, because the large size of the Sun and the Earth behind the Sun , My evidence Why we still see the Earth from the spacecraft? Because the Earth is standing still and all orbit around the Earth Questions 29 In physics, the speed rotation will decrease when mass weight is increase . In the world there are more than 5 million airport and impose one airplane fly over each airport, and average weight for each airplane 10 ton If all aircraft landed on the earth at the same moment, the weight of the Earth will be increase 50 million tons My evidence Basic physics the Earth rotation will be slow and the different duration of the length of day and night but actual nothing change because the earth standing still Questions 30 When NASA landed on the moon 1969, she sent the rocket carried capsule, After leaving the Earth, the rocket orbit around Earth, then proceed to the moon and start orbiting around the moon, Then Neil Armstrong and his friend disconnected the capsule from the rocket and landed on the moon, After astronauts finishing their duties on moon they took off back to the rocket, then the rocket came back to the Earth My evidence Now The spacecraft fly and transferring supplies to the international space stations, it connects and lands on the space moving Also the astronauts when they go out to spacewalk, he can go and return easily If NASA went to the moon and landed on the moon, the scenario and phase landing on the moon must be similar spacecraft when approach and connected space station because the moon orbit around the Earth same spacecraft orbit around the Earth Or they are not landed on the moon Questions 31 As we know North Pole star is stationery in his position at north, in the laws of physics if we captured the ruler from any party and turn it in any direction, we get the same result If the sun was fixed and the earth moves around the sun or the earth was stationary and the sun revolves around the earth, the result does not differ According to chart the earth's rotation around the sun Tilted the Earth's axis 23.5 degrees and heading to the North Pole star on June 21 reference point After 3 months change parallax and tends Earth's axis of 90 degrees and after 3 months also change parallax tilted 180 degrees in the opposite direction to the North Pole and then back Earth's axis toward North Pole star after 6 months My evidence If the earth revolves around the sun Why North Pole star not change parallax from the earth as we still see North Pole star in same position at north toward Tilted the Earth's axis Thank you"
/captain nader

"Congrats wise men you shall continue bringing up improvement to this world"
/Thatayaone Kelapile

"Congratulation I hope I will become one as you"
/Parvaneh Sadeghi

"¡¡Greetings from the Ultrashort pulse Laser Group at CCADET-UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico.!!"
/Roberto Ortega-Martinez, Head of the Laboratory.

"Congrats!!! I want to be one of you!!!"
/Carmen Ng

"Congratulations to all Scientists for the research to make the world better in a peaceful and environmentally friendly way!!!"

"I want to touch your feet."
/Pinaki Maity


/ahmed adel

"Congratulations Laureates!!"
/Idris IL

"I like your mustache A LOT. please contact with me."

"Awesome work Done. !!! inspiring....."

"Congratulations Sir!!!!"
/Ankit Sharma

"congratulation all ye laurates"
/erasmus quartey, Ghana

"Congratulations for make the Quantum Mechanics more interesting..."
/Sinuhe Tamez

"There is always something special about physicians.But the amazing once are given nobel prizes as is the case with u guys.Keeeeeep uuuuuup"

"Congrats. Let your inventions wipe away the sufferings of the humanity."
/Dr.Vincent H Wilson, Dean, PRIST University, TN, South India.


"They are good scientists, nobody will deny, but, why not Higgs ?"
/Felipe Nathan

/Nabagopal Ghosh


"Congrats,you rock, guys! With best regards from northern Norway:)"
/Svetlana Olsen

"People like you changes the world. Thanks for improving our life. Congratulations. Physics is the Universe."
/Edson Estrada Hernandez

"congratulations to these geniuses"
/karthik D

"Congratulations!!!!! Amazing New Discovery in Science to investigate towards Quantum Showing the most efforts to understand the beauty......"
/Devashish Mehta

"To Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland best greetings and cordial congratulation from Physics Department of Kuwait University, Kuwait."
/Goran Pichler

"I'm a mechanical engineering student, Ilove physics, I hope that I'll when Nobel prize in the future."
/Ahmad Alrantisi

"Congratulations to Physics prize winners. Hope this will one day open the door to quantum computing and unravel quantum mysteries."
/Raj Mudumbai, NJ

"Congrasulation! The work is an wonderful one that would certainly bring a quantum revolution in the technological field."
/P K Kalita Nanoscience Research Lab. Guwahati College, Assam INDIA

"Congrats guys. I'm proud of you."
/Victor, Nigeria

"Excellent, Splendid, Beautiful, Smashing! Hope this leads to further greater progressive discoveries."
/Robin Berchmans

/Deepak Panwar

"Congratulation for this achievement and hope this work is useful for the mankind."
/Dr. Mohan Lal Verma Asstt. Prof. in Physics Raipur, Chhattisgarh India.

/Shalini Taneja

"hats off to you gentlemen"

"congratulations sir........."
/Dr.Amol Aucharmal


/R. பிரபாகரன் Vaiyampatti India

"congratulations....!!! :)"
/shweta m. india

"Congratulation Sir, the real experimental aspects of interaction between the photo and change in the phase of quantum state of atom."
/S. B. Mutnali, Ass. Prof: in physics, Gadag, Dist GADAG Karnataka India

/raghavendra guntur

"Congratulations Sir... Thank you for such a great research and paving path for betterment of coming generations! From whole SCRIET family."
/Prasoon Tiwari

"FANTASTIQUE et Merveilleux !"

"My heartfelt greetings to Professors Serge Haroche and David Wineland"
/Dr. Maxwell J. sekibo

"Well i was waiting to hear from you. I hope next year"
/sheldom cooper

"congratulations,your endavour is highly appreciated by all people"
/mashhour bani ate

"Boena gatos"

/Sushitha Daggubaty

"Congratulations! You attained the greatest dream of any scientist. Thank you for your hard work, you are an inspiration to all of us"
/Benita P. Villar

"Heartly Congratulations"
/Dr.M.Shakir Khan, AMU, Aligarh, India


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