Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012
Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2250
"Congratulations Dr.Serge and David for achieving Noble prize for the ground breaking research in quantum system"
/Dr.CR Revankar, Consultant in Neglected Tropical Diseases,NewJersey,USA (

/祝安邦from china

"congratss...i wish it will help in makin physics much but really well done....congratss alott.."
/Rohan Kukreti (student) INDIA

"One can only imagine the possibilities.Congratulations for redefining the boundaries of Physics.May the future hold more wonderful surprises."
/Vivek Deyali

"I LIEK CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!11!1!!!!!11!!!"

"Congrats Sir from India"

"congrats both have taken theoretical physics to the next level.It shows both of your interest,passion, burning desire ,curiosity"

"Congrats!!! Very interesting and exciting work."
/Lutcher High School Physics Class

"wow !!!!!!! congratulations !!!!! please do more for physics and human race"

/srishti sharma from india

"Congratulations.I will be one of you one day. ------FROM CHINA"
/Zhen Zerui

"congrats sir"

"Congratulation!!!1 I have one q. for u, do u belive in god?"

"Hats Off winners!! .. Thanks for setting the new path for the world .. may more physics come out for a better understanding .."
/Srikanth Garnepudi

"congrets guys finest work in quantum physics will boast up now"
/lokesh sharma

"Second nobel prize in physics goes to France in just five years! Anyways, Congratulations to you."
/Prof. Javed Mazher

"congratulations from Saudi Arabia i hope someday u people invade my useless country someday :)"
/dr. al-Awadi

"I´m Physicist. I congratulate you because the experimental quantum theory, i belive, is very much difficult, and you obtain it!"

"congratulations sir"
/s.koras india coimbatore

"cogratutalatio its a really great discovery"

"Congratulations Mr.Serge Haroche , we , Moroccans we are proud to see that you born in our land and you got this prize, good luck"
/Hamid tAKNI

"Gentlemen, I want to congratulate the both of you with your great accomplishments, and winning the nobelprize!"
/Engineer van der Speld

/mudasir rasool sheikhh

"congratulations respected sirs, your work will give us a new dimension of thinking, thank you"
/Dhruba Jyoti Talukdar

"great achie i want achive this in my life is possible i will achive noble prize congulation sceintist"

"ws for scientific communities. Manipulation of individual quantum systems and its far reaching consequences to enhance the quality of life"
/sutay kumar gupta

/athira j nair india

"Congratulations! Human beings will feel honored with you achievements. From China."
/李冠(Gary Li)

"Its a Quantum Break with or without uncertainties asking for where and how!!!! Unimaginable! Hat's Offff!!!!"

"congratulations sir! We are all proud to have like you in the physics. We Will take u as inspiration. All the very best sir!"
/KhidhirBrahmendra V

"Warmest congratulations Prof. Haroche, thank you for your wonderful and inspiring dressed atom lectures when I was a student at Harvard!"
/Susan R. Atlas

"Congratulations to the Laureates!"

"Surely, its a great pleasure for a physics student who loves computers and technology. Congrats!!!!"
/Jefin Jo Thomas

"congrats sir sky is the limit"
/buhari rasheed

"Congratulations! best of luck for future."
/Nisha Prajith INDIA

"Congratulations for both scientists!"

"Diaoyu islands belongs to China"

"Congradulation !!"
/Dr. P.Aravinda Samy

"Sup dawgs, I herd u study particles. Keep it real bros!"
/Olli Hirvonen


"Congratulations, and all the best for your future work"
/Dr Vasanthanathan

"cogratulation,sucess in his passion..,thanks to live with PHYSICS."
/Ujjval kumar priyadarshi

"was my dream .congratulations ,"
/boulafrah (moroccan) UK

"Congratulations and keep on working hard, we are waiting for more."
/Omar Mohamed

/bhartendu dwivedi

/Salman Azmat

"Heartful Congratulations to u Mr.Serge Haroche and Mr.David J.Wineland(NOBEL LAUREATES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Brilliant. Both of you are heroes to me and all those who love science. Hearty congratulations from a physics student in Japan."

"congradulations to both the legends. your efforts make human life easier thanku sir"
/gautam anand

"you both are great sir"
/Prashob Nambiar

"you have given new dimensions to the subject. -- v v soman, India"
/Vijay Soman

"Im a telecomunication engineer and i have to say thx to both of you because is a big improvement in cuatic computation :) Congratulations."
/Sergio Ruiz Teclesmayer



"Congratulations!!!!!!both of you are great inspiration to me!!!!!because i love physics so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! a girl from China"

"Congratulations to both Professor Serge Haroche and Professor David J. Wineland for their groundbreaking discoveries."
/Shozab Qasim

"Congrats to all the Nobel Prize winners!"

"very very congratulation to both of you sir. I love physics and am excited to know that 2012 nobel prize has been awarded for such a genius."
/Ankit Kumar

"congrats sir"
/srinivas reddy pilaka


"Congratulations. I hope I can do that one day.O(∩_∩)O"
/a PHD in China

/Vogan Ban



"I love Wineland's mustache :P"

"Congratulations! Good luck for your future endeavours!"
/Parvathy JK

"Hello David. Congradulations from Chuck Robersin. It was never aaquestion of if, ,in my mind, , but When."

"Amazing Job! :)"



"regards and respect to Serge Haroche and Devid J.Wineland for expanding knowledge of mankind to a far margin."

"Hats off...Congratulations!!"
/Nawras Alhamwi

"Congrats Sir..."


"Sergio Nd Cinthiaa Togetherr Forever We Love Each Other"

"Wow...Good Job."
/Chaza Afandi

"congrats!!!! even i want to become a scientist like you all when i grow upi am more inspired to become a scientist....."

"Congratulations... Also in Quantum systems.. nice job~~"

"Congratulations and best wishes!"
/Thomas Hensel

"Congrates for exelent work"
/AK india

"Hi......U have invented upcoming revolutionary quantum era Congrats to two inventors"

"CONGRATULATIONSA TO BOTH OF YOU. There is a primordial boson not Higgs.Comment"

"now the quantum computer can be made"
/Mustafa Ali

"CONGRATULATION SHRI MAN JI,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

"在日学物理的华人发来贺电 希望有一天华人能再夺诺奖"

"congo\ratulations sir"

""it helps to invents more in physics" Thank U.....,"

"congratulations to all Nobel prize winers"

"of quantummechanics.congrats............"
/ayush garg

"Congratulations! The the dawn of Quantum computing be upon us!"

"you are fantastco"

"Congratulations. Hope your great work inspire young minds to pusue physics / quantum mechanics and unfold the mystic universe"
/Syed ABMS

"awesome dudes"

"I hope one day I can approach this state"
/Alma Wang

"my great greetings. you always prove the leadership of physics and physicists that populars and even specialists do not recognize or sense."
/ashraf yahia

"Congratulations from INDIA"

/silky seth

"恭喜恭喜,Congratulations,from china"


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