Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2012
Serge Haroche, David J. Wineland

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 2250
"congrats to both of you."

/Parasmani Dangal, Sikkim

"Whenever I think about the incredible discoveries we've made today,I feel the wonderful world we'll have tomorrow!"
/Yao Yu

/Prof. M. Bytyçi

"May it helps to invents more in physics"
/Narayan dhakal

"sir haroche, i remember you are the poineer of quantum optics and i graduate and serve in siom. cas as a quantum optics expert all thanks"
/tao qin

"祝贺!From China"
/Songsong Wang

"Congr. to winners of this year. NOTE that a file, PHYSmini has updated proof of Pauli principle.u"

"waiting for Higgs,but..Congratulations and thank you!"
/Doan ( from Vietnam)

"Congratulations! For opening wonderful window to unravel the unknown in particle physics."
/Awni Ranjan

"Congratulations Geeks :-) Really happy for you. Keep up the good work"
/Dr. Sajid Islam

"hats off sirs"

"Greeting to the Physics Nobel Laureate from Pakistan... :)"

"Congratulations for winning the noble prize to both of you!!"
/Tirthankar Chakraborty

"Hats off...Congrats..!!"
/Pazhayath Aravind Ravi


"your innovation may lead the people to good or bad,but your hard work behind this work will be noticed by the keep working on it..."

"Congratulation gentle men ..."
/Sumit Anand,India

"heartly wishes to you sir for the winning the wonderful award"
/sween kumar

"I could have done it better :P"

"Dear Serge and David Congratulations and many thanks to you for your outstanding contribution to the physics science and the humanity"
/Ahmed Saleh

"Congratulations to thr winners and nominees.."
/Niral Furia

"CONGRATULATIONS to both of you. Good luck for the futur !"
/Omar SA / Morocco

/raju india


"congratulation! now in layman's term how will this affect us the majority laypeople ?"

"congratulations i love youuu!!"
/emilie kronhjem

"hi, what a ground breaking discovery, so happy for you guys for contributing your parts to the development of human race.congrats."
/ogunleye oluwaleke

"human dream"

/Chi Shu

"many many congratulation to you for your outstanding effort.Keep it up for betterment of human kind."
/Gloria Mithi Das, Bangladesh

"i wanna be one of you"
/wang mengxiong

"Congratulations what phenomenal work and foresight."
/Roger Oliver

"Congratulation both of you for your contribution."
/Roop Narayan From India

"Congratulations Serge Haroche!"
/Erik Stavenius

"I do wish you further success !"
/Dr. Madhu Madhurya

"Congratulations to both Prof. Dr. Haroche and Prof. Dr. Wineland for winning the Nobel prize in physics for the year 2012 for their ground"
/A.F.M.Yusuf Haider, Physicist, Dhaka University, Bangladesh.

"Your work is outstanding, and it inspire me so much"

"Its ma dream to stand in this position... I dreamt for nobel prize in physics n nw working on... CONGRATULATIONS...."

/பாலாஜி, சென்னை, இந்தியா

"Congratulation. Your research may path the way mankind to understand the unknown world of Ghost."
/TY Tan (Singapore)

"Congratulation to the prize! How do you feel now? Your dicovery was so good for the human!!"
/lovisa wallman

/P. Balaji, Chennai, India

"Congratulations........... Please found your innovations in Electricity and save natural resources."

"Congratulations.................. Your work will be a Landmark in the field of experimental Quantum Physics!!!!""
/deepak chauhan


"many many warm greetings to both of you."
/ankita (india)

"fantastic works. Congratulation to you.Good luck for the future"
/Tesleem Asafa

"Congratulations sir! You have oppened a secret door on physics"
/A.N.M.Ariful Haque,Bangladesh.


"Congratulations for winning Nobel Prize!!! Thanks for paving path for humanity in the persuite of truth. We are proud of you!!!"
/Venkateshwarlu Bommagani, Hyderabad, India

"Congratulations.................. Your work will be a Landmark in the field of experimental Quantum Physics!!!!"
/Anjan Kumar Sarkar

"congratulations .............. Quantum computing at the earliest..."
/Dayanand Badigannavar, Gadag , India.

"Congratulations. Now we are very near to Quantum Computers."
/Kalugumalai Antony

"Congratulations for your effort and great work."
/Sanjay Kumar Behura, India

"Tekrikler... Congratulations..."
/Nazim Karadag, Physicist (Istanbul)

"thank you sir it is an great achievement in science."

/rishav deo



/Esparto Janven


"Congratulation for both of u..we still using Caesium Atomic and this is the great inventor!!"

"Congratulatons from Israel"
/Ya'acov Tal Toledano

"Congratulations to both of you and heartist greetings. Thank you"
/Md.Rubel hasan.University of Rajshahi. Bangladesh

"Congratulation to the the scientists who won Noble Prize in physics."
/C N Laxminarayana,Dist. Science Officer

"پیرۆزه‌، هه‌ر سه‌رکه‌وتوو بن"

/Antwerpen University

"Greatest achievement!!!!!!!!! congrats"

"A professor who teaches me optics is now telling us about the prize. lol It is amazingly interesting. Congratulations from Korea."

"congrats.....All the very best for your future projects too"
/naveen c s, from karnataka (india)

"congratulations sir an outcome of sincere and hard work."

"Coming generations will be gratful to you.Congratulations!"


"congratulation for yours both emient mint brother wait for lot in futrue"
/palaniappan from india

"Dear Prof. Serge and Prof. David, YOU have rocked the world of quantum physics."
/Dr. R. Radha, vittal.cnls@

"Kufps@ Can you two learned selves fonate one percent of Prize money to institute Nobelette Prizes for young studets djewing romise to win"
/Dr. N.Dharmeshwaran INDIA dharmeshwaran@

"Congratulations ! It must be a very exciting moment."

"very proud of human beings like these who contribute to the world so much.And i also wish my name to be listed."
/riz butt

"A hearty congrats! Come on over for burgers -the wife will cook up a few, slimg some cole slaw and homemade beer. Bring the Wives and Kids!"
/Warren and Helen Globgleeb, Bullfrog N. Dakota

"Physics = Nature . Congratulation,teacher!"

"congratulations ! JOB WELL DONE, PHYSICISTS!"

"Congratulations : You guys are awesomeeeee..."

/bishnu jyoti borah(B.Sc)

"Congratulations. Now, to inspire new generations to study science, preserve the human race and the earth (our little pale blue dot)."
/Daniel Rios

"good job............congrats.............thanks for your contribution in physics....."
/pranjit banik, nagaon,assam

"Congratulations from colleagues Vladimir Fock daughter Natalia"
/Vorotnikov Andrei Moscow Russia

"Hearty Congratulations for Both Icons:-)"
/Prijith David

"congrats for ur well deserved Noble Prize!!"

"Unforgettble achievement duo "

"Heartiest Congratulations to the winners!"
/Cherry Dhiman, Ph.D.Scholar, India

"Hello! How I admire your enthusiasm towards physics :) Keep speeding and Godbless !"
/Precious Jara

"congrates! define it more next time"

"Something we have been waiting for ages, ever since quantum computation was taken up seriously at an experimental level. Heartiest congrats!"


"Congratulations to Prof. Serge Haroche and Prof. David J.Wineland for the great achievement"
/Dr.K.N.Anuradha, Bangalore, India

"Congratulatioins...with loads of respect for ur achivements..."

"Your recognition because of your hard efforts will definitely inspire the coming genius in physics.Congratulations"
/rana rituraj

"great done"
/wilson YU, china

"Congratulations sir"
/Pavleen Kaur, India

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