Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
François Englert, Peter Higgs

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 613
"Congratulations sir..."

"I would shutter to live in a reality where Englert / Higgs don't exist."
/Bryan Geonzon

"Congrats to mr engrlet and higgs their long time of wait for nobel. The application of higgs particle is a must see in the future"
/sachin amingad

"Congrats sir..."

"Congratulations! I will also be like you, and take a Nobel Prize in this field."
/Azat Suleimenov

"Many congratulations, Sir"

/Paul Watkins

"sir i am very very thanku francois and peter higgs . i cann't explain what be i speak . it is great invention in physics of 21th century."
/abhishek kumar


"you did really a great is quite amazing to know reasons behind origin of mass."

"Great work,well done"
/Gopi kishore

"greetings, looking forward to more and better inventions and discoveries that will advance the human race."
/solomon pinnock

"congratulations on your well deserved accomplishment"
/Bobby P.

"Crangroatulation! You are the winner; you have done it!"

"congratulations,hats off to u for what u have done in the field of physics.....greay job done....the world is proud of u mr.higgs. may god bless u........"

"heartly congratulations to discover the thery related to god's particle higgs boson"

/K. Simmons


"i congratulate physics nobel laureate 2013."

"I love yoy"

"ongrats great Nobel Laureates....."
/Rajinder Singh Bhullar

"For making the mankind understand the enigmatic concept of mass better, we will remain grateful ... if only Robert Brout were alive"
/Sudhir Ranjan Jain

"Congratulations for the prize. Once more the frontiers of science has been advanced by this discovery!"
/Uchechukwu Chris Arinze

"congratulations sir.."
/eknath mapare

"Welcome to the journey from thirteen to thirteen."
/sujit Kusum Paul

"my heartly congratulations!!."


"its very interesting,the scientist peter w.higgs theory"
/muthu kumar


""congratulations !!!" It is one of great achievement of human life."
/Pawan Kumar Gupta

"Congratulations sir..."

"congratulations to peter higgs!"
/sowmya devi


"Many many congratulations to Peter Higgs and others. We look forward to your discoveries and your hard work in the field of Physics. May God bless you all. Love from Pakistan."
/Syed Amir Raza Pakistan

/kalyan naskar

"good morning"

"a milestone in chemistry"

"awesome really great.."

"Thanks to these guys whose invented so fruitful things."
/dilip pathak India

"Hi Mr. Daniel,I'm fern.I'm writing an biography about you,I wish I can see some of your samples here,thanks.I'm just in primary grade 6.But I'm born in Hong Kong.So,its good to know you!Thankyou very much!"
/Fern Ko

"Congrats to Peter Higgs for long overdue recognition his historic work. Enjoy the week in Stockholkm Peter and the drinks are on you;-)"
/Geordie Lad

"" u believed in something which others not" good life"
/Leela Vinodhan

/Swapnil Das

"Congratulations. A huge breakthrough that came about from your research"

"I would like to congratulate you for this great discovery which is now verified by CERN experiment."
/Abu Zayed Mohammad Saliqur RAHMAN

"Hello my class is doing a project on the nobel peace prize and mine is in physics"

"This is really great research, i appreciate him for his work. "
/Javed Ur Rehman

"I want to congratulate Mr. Francois Englert and Mr. Peter Higgs for their achievement and I just wnat to pray to the God that he should grant them 100 years more so that they continue their journey of life and unfold some more secrets of the physics. I know that they would definitely help us in achieving our aim of our life by giving us correct and reliable suggestions."
/Manish Dubey

"Sincere congratulations of the AHEP group at IFIC to the winners of the 2013 Physics Nobel Prize!! "
/J. W. F. Valle


/Gerald McLaughlin

"congrations best of luck"
/g.vamsi /p.naveen kumar eswar

"i am very happy ,i am studing as mechanical engineer and i also want to awarded with Noble prize"

"I hope V all also learn from these talented physicians."

"Higgs particle is the evidence of God always be with mankind"
/Simon Paulus Messah

/Alexander Vinogradov

"Congratulations sir....."
/Sir i am happy to say congrats to u

/Indra Budiantho

"congratulation to both of u sir"

"Many congratulations..! Truly inspirational. :)"
/Sowmya Guru

"Congratulation for your yet another contribution to us I.e., world"

"great achievement."

"The recognition of Prof. Higgs and Prof. Francois Englert by Nobel Prize is a long time awaited one. We could see more turning points in their discovery in the years to come."
/JOTHI NARAYANAN ( Narayana Ramachandra)

"Hello sir, I live in India and am a student of class 8th and was amazed by your path breaking discovery in physics. I myself am a big fan of your work."
/Pranav Bhardwaj

"congrats sir and great work specially i am inspired by your job i hope to get the prize same as you got and my congratulation goes to the physics laureates"
/bipub dhungana from nepal

"Nice discoveries."
/Emmanuel Pereda


"Higgs boson, save the world"
/David Cooks

"ey up pete"
/Gary Fuller

"I am a 13 year old girl with one of the most ambitious dreams a person can have. I want to save the world. Not like a super hero would but by saving the environment. I really enjoy marine biology and microbiology and could spend all day on my microscope if my mom would let me. I aspire to grow up just like you. Congratulations on winning in my eyes the most prestigious award ever given ."
/Cecilia Gichner

"You made me more proud of living this era of understanding. Thanks"
/John Franco


""Congratulations Prof. Higgs & Englert! I'm a science communicator and preparing a cross word on Nobel Prize 2013 for popular Hindi science magazine 'Vigyan Pragati' (CSIR, India).""
/Dr. Sanjay Kumar, University of Allahabad, INDIA;


"I think the best use of phrase "See I told Ya" will be now. Congrats Peter Higgs and Englert on prize!"
/Muhammad Ahsan Farooqui

"great achievement sir.may god gives you more years to run this world...."
/Sankar Rangasamy

"50 years dream comes true...thanks and congratulation for completing particle physics chart."

"warmest congratulations for higgs and englert!"
/shivam singh

"hats off sir."

"Congratulations to Professors Higgs and Englert on receiving this year's Nobel Prize in Physics!"
/Oliver Newton

"Congratulations to both Peter Higgs and Francois Englert from G. "
/Giovannetti-Singh, Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge, UK

"Hey. How u doin'?"

"Congratulations brainees!!"
/Joe Francisca, India


"i really want to congratulate Mr Francois Englert and Peter W.Higgs actually i am really surprised to know about this god partical.I Hope that more & more mistries could reviel in future regarding the amazing univers ."


"Good day, My congratulations. This must be the highlight of your career."
/Benjamin Samuelssonn


"As Neil Armstrong told in 1969, it was a short step for the man and a big for the human race, now I think, it was a great step for the man but a small walk for the enormous way in micro/macro physics. Congratulations for Mr Higgs and Mr Englert."
/Angel Flores F.

"Without this site, I would be dead meat with my teacher because I a, supposed to write a five paragraph about Albert Einstin."

"Great job guys!!!!!!"
/ale livingston

"Best wishes from a citizen of Satyendranath Bose's country."

"well done sir"
/walia amarjeet


"Good job, bro!!!"
/Mike Minton

"Thanks to albert we have lots to study to keep us occupied"

"it was great joy to learn about your discovery and theory, and is a good decision from organisation to awarding you with novel prize. Congrats Sir..."
/Hardik Mahajan

"Congratulations to both of the Laureate;Professor Francois Englert and Professor peter W. Higgs for there Theoretical explanation of the discovery of Higgs Boson."
/A S M Imam Hossain

"very-2 congratulations to u sir."

"i love physics i can be a teacher"

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