Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
François Englert, Peter Higgs

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 613
"You deserve it"

"Congratulations to Prof. Higgs and Prof.Englert. What a theory! Just Marvellous............"
/Kaustav Dutta

"How words can express my heart of a student of physics people call teacher, i just want to say great people - great awards."
/Nitin Oke

"Well done!!!"
/Jorgee Jimenez

"Well deserved, what an epic theory to be confirmed"
/Rasmus Fiedler

"Good job, Higgs and Englert. The world is proud as your work provides sense of mass that man has pondered over for centuries. Thanks for your wonderful work,"
/Aaron John Sabu

"Congrats to my great inspirations...!"
/Guruprasad Kadam

"Great Work Sir...!!! Its seems like your dreams come true..many congratulations !!!"
/Navneet Ranjan

"Many many congratulations :)"
/Manpreet Kaur

"I'm proud of you. you're a real human who reach to the summit of science."
/Amir Bagheri

"congratulations-dear sir,GOD helps those who help themselves.thank you."
/Mustansar Hayat

"Good work peter higgs"
/Vishnu Pillai

"hearty congratulations and hats off to all of you"
/Pushpa H.D.



"Congratulations for the Nobel Prize. I want to be a scientist one day. I am in third grade. It is very interesting. I love inventing new things."

"describing how particles acquire MASS deserves a MASSive prize!"
/Benito Michel

"I am doing a science unit at school, which is related to your research. It was great to read about your work. Congratulations!!!"

"Deserved this long ago but now possessed. Congratulations."
/Tintaung Soe

"Thank you for inspiring me to develop a good science for the universe!"
/Christiane Uherek

"I studied a BS inspired by Einstein. I hope your accomplishment serves as inspiration to this generation of children to study science. Congratulations!"
/Carlos Perez from Puerto Rico

"Congratulations, I am currently a student at ITESO (Universidad de Guadalajara), and I just wanted to say that you inspire me."
/Ricardo Ramos Contreras

"i admire you so much for finding the divine particle!"
/netta ben sinai

"Congratulations to Mr.Englert and Mr.Higgs for such a prestigious award. You're a source of inspiration for this young dominican enthusiast of Physics. Best of luck!"
/Jean Paul Filpo Molina

"Greetings. I knew you were right."
/Fernando Aguilera, Mexico.

"Mr. Higgs Ms. Englert, my hobby and passion is Physics, I am autodidact, congratulations for those many years of patient"
/Rafael Guerra, Mexico City

"best of luck sir"
/mohan chandra joshi physics teacher


"Congratulations to both of you sirs.."

"only words I remember at this point of time by richard feynman "pleasure of finding things out........""
/avinash warankar (india)

/A fan

"congrats on receiving the nobel. Really admire you. Great work on the higgs boson"

"Congratulations on winning Nobel Prize Mr. François Englert and Mr. Peter W. Higgs"
/The king

/Fuzail Hussain

"I knew it had to be you."

"Congratulations!!! Greetings from India."
/Varan Shukla

"Hello professor Englert and Professor Higgs I'am pleased that both of you won Nobel prize in physics"
/Ahmed Mohamed

"Dear Prof. Higgs, Congratulations on the Nobel Prize. We in India are especially proud that the particle is named Higgs-Boson. Sincerely,"
/Udayan Singh

"You are really great. my favorite subject is physics. Two of you are model to everyone in the world."

"Thanks for the hard work and keep it coming."

"Sirs, your work was way important for the field of physics .Congratulations for the nobel prize and may you create new theories for the next generation to solve thank you"
/Aviraj Singh Mrhta

"I'm so pleased that your work has been recognized and verified by the worlds' scientists. Your theory of and subsequent discovery of the Higgs boson will surely lead to further understanding of the inner working of the universe. Well done Gentlemen."
/Neil Smith, Ogden UT, USA

"Its a remarkable achievement how a particle gets mass, and i salute the scientists behind this ultimate theory and discovery. This actually reveals the birth secret of our Giant universe."

"congratulations to mr .peter higgs and mr.englert for the discovery of higgs boson"
/ROHAN KATKAM(a student)

"Dear Great real legends, Good evening.Though I am not a great person to greet you,I pray mother nature to give you a long life for the fact you revealed her incredible ingredients !"

"Felicitaciones !!!! Un premio que construyeron durante 40+ años !!!! El esfuerzo y constancia el el germen del exito Caracas-Venezuela"
/Juan Carlos

"Congratulations, Professor Higgs."
/Raveen (KCL Physics 2011)

"A deserved recognition to you. Really."
/David Ernesto Timaná

"I'm so happy for Dr.Higgs and Dr Englert after half century of research they got the recognition they deserve"


"The discovery of Higgs Boson is the most prestigious discovery in both theoretical and particle physics. Prof. Peter Higgs is the key person for this discovery."
/Syed Ahsan Kamal

"Congratulations! A girl with endless love to astrophysics! Good luck!"
/Sahar akbari

"Thanks for regenerating common man's interest in physics again..YOU R GOD!"
/Arindam Majumder

"Hats of François Englert, Peter Higgs. Congratulation!!!!."

"GO ON.............."
/ria chaterjee


"Excellent discover for mankind! We are proud of it."

"Huge innovation for each of the physics enthusiasts living in this era"
/Jees Augustine

"Congrats to both (François Englert and Peter W. Higgs)of u sir, for exciting discovery in physics & hope continue after getting Noble prize some more intresting inventions and discover...."
/Pradeep Singh

"Dear Sir I Congratulate you for your great contribution towards the invention of HIGGS BOSUN"

"Congratulations Mr.Peter W.Higgs and Mr Francois for your great work in physics of discovering the God particle HIggs boson .I congratulate each and every. person of your team & let your research go on and on and win many prizes!!!:-):-):-)"

"Congratulations sir.. Thank you for your great contributions to Physics."
/Jyoti Ranjan Jally

"Congratulation sirs! best wishes to both of you from SRI LANKA!"
/Malik Jef

"Congratulations for finally being recognized for your accomplishments!"
/Sarah Dodge-Fultz

"Congratulation Mr. Higgs.Your Hypothesis of Higs Boson(God particles) is proved during CERN Experiment. Congratulations for Wining Nobel Prize"
/Govind Gramopadhye

"Long-anticipated and well-deserved. Great effort! This is a great milestone and Physics."
/Mason Ng

"the great discovery and theratical verificatrion of the Higgs boson will make a leap forward nit only in the evolution of cosmology mankind but also in the history of the mankind.... My heartly wishes to all the physics nobel prize winners"
/Ashish Chaurasia

"Congratulations and God bless you!"
/Erick Daniel

"Congratulations. Bravo!"
/Bayo Olushola Omoyiola, Nigeria

"Greetings from INDIA, Many Hearty Congratulations to both the legend for this remarkable achievement."
/Sharad Dwivedi, IIT Madras, INDIA.

"Greeting from INDIA, Many hearty congratulation to both the legends for this remarkable achievement."
/Sharad Dwivedi

"Congratulations!! Sir"

"Congratulations on your most delightful contribution to the world of physics and to the humanity! Feel great to convey my warm congratulations to both Prof. Englert and Prof.Higgs!"

"Congrats !!! Higgs. Introducing people to the God's particles."
/Sagar Rout

"You inspire me. Not to win a nobel but to advance human knowledge and peace."
/Alberto Gabriel Ramon

"Long-sought awards for them are extremely deserved!!"
/Chang-Shin Kuo

"Sir Peter Higgs and Sir Francois Englert .. grt work your research lead us to think towards new world of subatomic particle and relevant theory associated with. Its new boon to the ever vibrant basic theory that formation and reaction are here to create. God bless you both... JAI HIND"
/Ravindra Singh Dhapola

/abdul hannan

"Congratulations for your tremendous success"
/Kushal R. Joshi

"COngrats .."

"Congrats! François Englert and Peter W. Higgs It's really a great landmark in the field of Science. This will surely help the mankind to know more about the facts beyond science. Thanks to the learned committee for awarding this to you both."

"congratulations sir, we are proud of you work"
/Farhan Ahmed Mughal (Pakistan)

"Sir, your work, and the recognition you got for it, works as a motivation behind my career,thank you sir for being such an inspiration"
/Sujit Madhab Ghosh

"Congratulations Prof. Englert and Prof. Higgs!"
/Hernando Salapare III


"Congratulations! You deserve everyone's attention!"
/Aimin W

"i am glad to congrats u for your effort to mankind. thank you."
/chaitanya pande

"The most exciting physics Nobel yet! Congratulations! I have been following your research...I am so excited for you!!! Congratulations again!"
/Susan Builder

"Congratulations for completing the path of origin of matter."
/Dr Rakesh Trivedi India

"Congratulations Dr. Englert and Dr. Higgs on receiving this great honor! Your work is truly an inspiration to students in research!"
/Jessica McCaffery

"Mazal Tov! May you go from strength to strength and continue to discover and inspire the next generation of Jewish scientist and scholars."
/Tovah Ahdut

"Go Higgs! You rule!!!"
/Maria Colosimo

"You did a great job!! Congratulation"
/Abdulaziz Alshehri

"I am very much to have a new invention in our world. it will be useful in upcoming gneration"
/karthik yadav

"Congradulations for the best job! Really proud"

"Congratulations to every scientist and one awarded the prize you did hard work and you deserve this and thanks for helping the humanity and the world I wish one day I win it."
/Amr Fouad Rashad

/Al Morrison

"Discovered SuYaMa Waves"

/Angel Ponce

"Well done to all three, and more, who made the discovery possible!"
/Nick Litsardopoulos

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