Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013
François Englert, Peter Higgs

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 609
"Hello, I am a sixth grader who is very excited that you won the nobel prize. I love the higgs boson, and it changed my life. Congratulations on your achievement. thank you again,"
/Avery Rose

"My congratulations, after a long road, finally you get it!! The science is changing thanks to you"
/Gustavo Bezanilla

/Apostolos Tsompanis-Notios

"Sir first of all i wish u for ur achivement...........u r really a nobel man dr. Higgs"

"you are awesome keep up the good work!!!"
/Johnathan bard

"Congratulations Sir! The prize deserves you!"
/Abhishek Sharan

"Im peruvian med student, but physics is incredible, your discovery makes me wonder about my career. Congratulations MAESTRO"
/Andre Mujica

"Nub nub! Ricksaa!"
/Ewok, Wok

"greetings from the forrest moon of endor"
/han solo

"Yay! You rock :0000"
/Pablo Francisco

"Great work, Great Discover.. I am also proud of bcoz its name Higgs boson based on Indian S N Bose"
/Jitender Sharma


"Well done congratulations from my heart."
/Shakir Bukhari

"Good Job!"

"hats off awesome peter i love u higgs"
/majid hucien

"Incredible ! Congralulations, i have told my physics teacher that the light speed in the void is not correct : the light speed in the Higgs field. Good luck for other discoverings, hope i will be able to help you in the future !"
/Kerman Zyani

"god is with you in exploring the universe"

/S.Raveen Kumar

"Congratulations! We're displaying the announcement of your prize at our school open evening tonight. Generating lots of discussion! @pensbyhighschool"

"So many heartfelt congratulations for the recognition of your incredible work. Thank you so much for your contribution to humanity and the inspiration that you have given!"
/Shelley-Anne Harrisberg

"Congratulations, Peter! A well deserved honor!"
/Bryan J. Field

"You both deserve this prize And wonderful to explain The existence of matter Related to Higg's boson. How wonderful intellect"
/Alex Poon

"Your perseverance is a huge encouragement for the younger generations"

"hearty congratulations sir!! love and respect from india."
/Ankit Dey

"many many happy returns of the day"

"hai how r u?"
/Mr G

"Well I am from Pakistan and just want to say that Peter Higgs had really done a great work..."
/Ifraeem Suleman

"winner in 2013"

"good work but we will have extra chapters in our physics books"

"Congratulations for Mr. Englert and Mr Higgs! I admire your work! Thanks to both of you for your contribution towards mankind knowledge! I know this will be remember to further physics research for ages to come. Love from Indonesia."
/M. Aditya E.P.

"i congrats you sir...i love physics.."

"I am very happy that you both received the fruit of your efforts after 50 years of work."
/Gurpreet Singh

"O YEAH Finally Nobel Prize to Higgs. Many congratulations Lets hope to find more Higgs bosons"
/BABAR ALI Pakistan

"Congratulations! Mr Peter Higgs and Mr François Englant for gods particle confirmation and good luck in further investigations CERN enjoy"
/Santiago Higuera Q

"congratulations bravos!!!!!"
/Nithya MB

"lam wishing u a great success."There is a way in every difficult stages.So find it"You all are the on who found it.Congratulations."
/Nithya MB

"I'm so happy that you two won, I'm on the west coast of California in the u.s and I woke up at 2:45 to watch the announcement live, and it was totally worth it"

"Hello sirs. Its a great honour to meet you. I am surprised at your discovery. This is for Peter W. Higgs and François Englert for contributing to mankind, a discovery that will never be forgotten..."
/Aditya Bahali

/yuvaraj s

/Sanae Kariouhi


"Congratulations for your research, is very remarkable in this era, and you are an example to follow. I wish there more people like you who contribute to society. Greetings from Mexico."
/Jorge Vallejo

"Your discovery will improve mankinds knowledges. Thank you."

"I heard of higgs boson when I was in high school and the theory is so fasicnating. And now it is proved to be true. congratulations!"
/chen zheyang

"Congratulations.. You guys have been waiting for so long."
/Rasekh Banday

/Xichao Z.

"Congratulations Peter and François!"
/Hank S. Age 8 Future Laureate

/jay r.

"such a challenging work deserves even more than this...Congrats..:)"

"hello to alla the laureates and congratulations to your for your excellent work. i want to send a message to the nobel responsibles, please would you try to give prizes to young laureates beause it would open doors to them and they could do better works. best regards"

"Higgs theory and its experimental verification belong to one of the most fundamental achievements of science!"
/Veikko Karimäki

"Congrats for this great achievement."

"Happy Nobel Winner :-)"


"Thanks for Belgium..."
/Anas Saadallah

"Congratulations! It is also a great success of theoretical Physics!"
/Zhen-Jun Xiao, from China

"My hearty congrates to the Physcis 2013 Nobel Laureates"

"It's just so wonderful to be able to believe in a higher power! The power of the intellect and imagination! An inspiring moment for humanity!"
/Maria Alice Passos

"Congratulations on this occasion..It is always heart warming to know..that one's life work was given the highest honor.."

"Hi Physics Laureates, You guys rock! Higgs and Englert are the dynamic duo of Particle Physics. I'm your numbuh won fan! Congrats guys!"
/Hasan Mohammad

/Rajesh Kumar.Boddu

"congrats gentleman......"

"Congratulation to both of you for your discovery,may god give you long life so that we will go more deeper inside atom"
/Aditya Kumar,PhD Scholar

"Hats off. This discovery deserves more than one Nobel Prize."
/Abhinav Purohit

"Congratulation to Mr Francois Englert for the 2013 Nobel Prize"
/Anang Urip Mahadi, Indonesia

"Congratulations Prof Higgs and Prof Englert I celebrate your great discovery of this century"

"As a physics student , I feel immense pleasure in greeting your outstanding contribution sir."
/Shanmugavani A

"it is a great joy that physicist arre still contributing to make the world better by our discoveries ,Sirs on this occasion I say a big congratulations to you ,may god continue to grant you more wisdom ."

"congratulations.... Doctors!"
/S Kumar h h

/Fang-Jun Huo

"Thanks for your works"
/Pranab Kumar Sarkar

"Big congratulations and wishes for further discoveries and appreciation for the support of CERN?s Hadron Collider and other equipments..."
/Jiri Beran

"Well done!"
/Ed & Tiph

"congo,,,,,,,,,finally , you got what you deserve"

"Lots congrets to our nobel winners 2013 they really done great aspects in physics and making human life more easier ."
/Frosot Einstein

"Congratulations Sir...."
/Sher Singh Meena

"Many Many Greetings for your joint efforts towards refining science for establishing Heavenly world."
/Bhabatush Biswas

"Congratulations Peter Higgs for Nobel ...."

"congrats both of u...... your contributions and discovery will help the future scientist to know more closely about our mysterious Universe"


"its a great mile stone in our path of achievement sir"

"My heart and minds have no words to comprehend on this wonderful discovery which connected the Standard model. Finally!! Congratulations"
/Shivam Nalin Patel

"Congratulation on The Nobel Prize win! It's honor for us to be in the generation where the Higgs particle be proven its existence. Thank you"
/Sam Park

"You are changing people at the lowest rungs of the societal structure: You have changed me--for the better. THANK YOU."

"Greetings to FRANCOIS n PETER HIGGS by heart for working on BOSONS. Still waiting for discovery of GRAVITON. Keep it up guys."
/Arun Vishwakarma

"Congrats !!!! Enjoy this moment"
/Jacobo- Mexico


"All the best"

"As I am a particle physicist aspirant thank you for explaining the theory of how particles acquire mass... Let our understanding about the universe gets into a higher level by this discovery..."

"proud of you"

"Congratulations, and always remember Dr Brout, he deserved as well"

"congradulation nobel prize physics winners"

"Saludos desde Lima, Perú...felicitaciones...son grandes!!!!"
/Jean Egoávil

"Physics is the real education, the rest is stamp collection. ~"
/Hariom chaurasiya

"Congratulations for both of you....also feel proud of Dr. SN Bose..."
/Muhannad Mustafa

/Sanele Maseko (Swaziland)

"Ey Higgs!!!! I love your bosonic particles!!!"

"Keep up GREAT WORK!"

"extraordinary,,,,the world is becoz people like all of u r in the world,,,,,best wishes from an Indian"
/Ambrish Kumar Dhir

/Wyatt Lynch

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