Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2014
Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, Shuji Nakamura

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2014 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 589
"Congratulation for your invention which will help many people around the world..."
/Palash Pandey

"i CONGRATULATES THE Ismu,Hiroshi and shuji on getting the Nobel award they did best for mankind"
/M. Imran Awan

"Congratulation to all 3 scientists for inventing blue LED which will illuminate the world better than previous sources."
/Chandrashekhar M. Sullad

"They are amazing people"
/Sirajuddin Jalil

"Well done we are inspired a lot"

"Congratulations to our 2014 Nobel Laureates in Physics for a great advancement to help the world conserve energgy. Ttruly inspirational !!!!"
/Jerry Lee Gill, a fellow physicist from the USA

"i love phisics/ astronomy so i know that it is a whole lot of hard work. keep it up and shoot for the stars and for the planet after neptune since pluto is now considered a dwarf planet so it is not nesseriely considered a planet anymore"
/meghan dawson

"Dear Dr. Yasuo I`d like to congratulate to for the noble Prize Hoping more progress in your life."
/Wanny Abdel Fattah

"Hearty congratulations to Profs Isamu akasaki,Hiroshi amano and Shuji nakamura for their research work in optoelectronics."
/Naveen Jogi


"great invention that would have futuristic scope for energy saving been one of the basic need"

"Greetings to the effort of expanding tectonic footing of human knowledge."
/Prof. Yogeshchandra Sharma


"Congratulations from everyone at EJMR!"

"kidu bros"

"Congratulations.. thanks for making the world much more brighter and colorful with energy-saving"
/Nafee Achjijem

"Congrats to all...may the world get more people like you.."
/Manikant kumar

/Faheem Asghar

"Hearty Congratulation. Greatful Work"
/Usha Subramanian

"Many many congratulation for your achievement. Your discovery really deserves the Nobel."
/Kalyan Dey, Assistant Professor, Bodoland University, India

"Congratulations!!!!!! It's the great invention for us."
/Joseph Lin


"These Japanese are doing a great job. I remember Shinya of 2012 Physiology & Medicine and now this. Thumbs up!"
/David Bongré

"Your LIghts are shining through the sky into Heavan"
/Colton Burpo

"You have achieved this award through a year of hardwork."
/Professor Tram

"Best of luck from Skoal Tobacco!"
/Skoal Public Outreach

"It was only 32 year ago when Nakahara and Ashikaki invent the blue laser - Great!"
/Aranjula Prashthik

"Drokus say - He congrijulate to you 4 this prize"


"great work Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura,waiting for mine in physics INSHA'ALLAH one day, i'll worth it. #particlephysics #astrophysics"
/Ali Akbar

"Congratulations to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura !"
/Dakshina Ranjan Kisku

"Congratulations?You deserve the honour"

"Congratulations. We are very proud of you."
/Francis G Benjaminm Lecturer, GPUC, Amrutha, Karnataka, India

"One time invest and life time profit..."
/Priyaranjan, Rairangpur, Odisha

"Congratulations, nice to see the world getting better!"

"It the wonderful invention,inshallah this invention will lead to another inventions and discoveries ahead!"

"A watt save is a watt generated. Congratulations Great people I am a physics school teacher hope I inspire somebody to become a Nobel laureate:W.R.David,India"

"Congratulations and My gratitude to the award winners..."
/Prabhakaran Selvaraj

"Their innovation is can be seen everywhere congrats for the brilliant work"
/Avishek Arora

"congrats to three noble laurates!their endless efforts for the beneficial of human kind finally make way out."

"Congratulations to Kailash and Miss Malala, the peace award for 2014 broke all barriers and compartments and went straight to child rights activist, after all children are future of the hiumanity. The joint award for a common cause between India and Pakistan should serve as wake up call for the authorities. The nominees of the award do not assume Importance but who they fight for is of prime importance. I bow to both of you."


"congratulations!! To all those wise noble minds, you keep the human race extant"
/C J Prabhakar

""Thank you, for enlightening knowledge for generation to come.""

"Congrats Kailash and malalla both and proud tp be an: INDIAN "jai hind""

"Congratulations Japan!!!"

"thanks all of you for this great job."

"Congratulations! You made a difference in this world."
/Burcin Bayram

"congratulation!!! shows d power f blue LED."
/puran lal sahu

/Joshua Titus

"Thanks to u a big one you sourced the blue led light which will consequently may lead to decrease in power consumption across the globe."
/Rudresh Dixit

"Congratulations!! a great example of how much we need of innovations leading to energy conservation."
/Nandini B

"Congratulations to the Physics Laureates and to all others..."
/Sherwin P. Cedeno


"thank you alll soo much ,you all are an inspiration toallof us ,medical students"
/dr anand upadhyay

"Our sincere thanks to your contribution to meet the needs of time."
/Sudhanshu Dubey

""My hearty felicitations to all Nobel Laureates .""
/A Balamurugan CCMB

"congratulations kailash and malala"


"Great Service to Humanity-I hope your work and achievements inspire others to invest their energies in Science so as to explore and discover new avenues for the betterment of mankind."
/Baber Ali Khan Khattak (Nowshera-Pakistan)

"Thank you for inventing and make earth to glow"
/hemanth kumar

"Congratulations once again for brilliant work done by Japanese"

"Congratulation Isamu, Hiroshi and Shuji. Hope your invention of the blue LED benefit quality of life 1.5 billion people around the world"
/Dr.Pravin Bochiya, INDIA

"Congratulations.I am proud of you.I hope one day I will be a good physicist like you and award the Nobel Prize in Physics.Please wait for me."
/Shin-Yao Shallow Liu

"My Heartfelt Congratulations to all the achievers of this coveted prize ..."
/Manoj Kumar Jaiswal

"My Heartfelt Congratulations to all the achievers of this coveted prize ..."

"Thanks for giving us LED which saves energy for millions. Well deserved Noble. Congrats for winning the most prestigious award."
/Satyajit N Singh

"Thanks for your great innovation of LED lights to the world."

"My hearty felicitations to all Nobel Laureates ."

"congratulations to Proffesors for doing such great invention."
/Jitendra Madan, Nagpur.

"Sir, Very congratulations all three of you your families and for all your great efforts and contributions to our world."
/Nitesh Srivastava

"congratulations ! blue light is really amazing as you are"

"my heartiest congratulations to Akasaki, Amano and Nakamura for inventing efficient blue LEDs which have enabled further efficiency in the form of further inventions."
/Kapil D Manhas

"Congratulations To Professor Shuji Nakamura, Hiroshi Amano And Isamu Akasaki On Winning The Most Prestigious Award Of It's Kind"
/Gurdeep Saini

"Towards a brighter future! CONGRATULATIONS."
/Rasim Jabbarov

"hearty congrats!!!"

"Congratulations, no doubt it is one of the remarkable invention and energy crisis/shortages has become the biggest concerned for the world."
/Kashif Hussain, Pakistan

"Congratulation for achieving such a great height in this field of research...."

"Hearty congratulations to the three Japanese Scientists for their patience and perseverance. Sure their invention is a boon to this energy crunch world. Hats off to their team!!!!"

"Congratsss for the achievement.The whole world is feeling deLIGHTED.."

"Congratulations to Japanese trio, Prof Akasaki, Prof Amano and Prof Nakamura, their wonderful work eventually got us Blue LED!!! (and several opportunities to the whole world)"
//Gunde Rao Muzumdar / GRM

"Congratulations..and thank you.. for Future Nights will be efficiently more brighter ! :-)"
/Nasir Risan

"Congrats!! For giving blue light of hope to the world!! GO GREEN!!!!"

"I shall be the first Nigerian to win the physics laureate. If not for the men of science, we would still be in the dark age."
/Simeon abraham kayode/popularly called the "the Newton of the 21st century"

"congradulations to the nobelprize winners"

"Thanks to the science[physics, chemistry] laureates, without science, we will still be in the dark age! I pray that one day, i shall be a nobel laureates in either physics or chemistry. The first Nigerians to be awarded these prizes."

"it's awesome! you are the real heroes in other words say the indirectly god of physics,and inspiration to us.Thank you "heroes"."

"thank u for providing us the guiding light of 21st century"

"Thank you for your work"

"Great work this year! Exceptional people and well chosen!"
/Sea Reddy

"congrats and heartfull wishes from india."

"An advanced level of invention for the comfort of human kind"

"You guys rock congratz!"
/John Fisher USA

"Your achievement has lighten the hopes of millions around the world who are looking for a much brighter and healthier future......congratulations"
/sudarshan Neopane

"congratulation to all 3 of u"

"Thanks a lot for replacing LED with B-LED ."
/Santhosh natarajan

"Congratulations to the three prize winners from Japan, They have given something remarkable to the world."
/Kacey Crooks

""Congratz for lightning the world efficiently by less power""
/Santhosh Natarajan Krishnagiri india

"Great effort for energy saving"
/rahul kumar

"Congratulations sir, Fluoresce the world with LED Lights."
/Chiru Maddi

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