Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015
Takaaki Kajita, Arthur B. McDonald

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, greetings to the new Physics Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2015 Nobel Laureates in Physics

Number of greetings: 522

"Congratulation, very inspiring :)"
/Indra Pardede

"congratulations to winners."

"Ayikoo to all Physicist across the world. Keep the pepetual light burning."

"Congratulations; I am glad my Math works of "Neutrino Mass Oscillation" presented at the 1981 APS Meeting works now!"
/Yadollah Yadi Aliakbar

"Brilliant achievement! These great people move the society forward."
/Aritra Sinha

"Congratulations for discovering about the new world"

"An Extraordinary piece of work - Exposing the Neutrinos- Great job by the team!!"

"Coungrrats to all of the winners you truly deserve it"

"Congratulation to Dr. MacDonald, You are the first Dalhousie alumnus to have won a Nobel prize. I am so proud of you!!"
/Norman from HK

"Congratulations sir Takaaki Kajita and AB Mcdonald. neutrinos have been one of my favourite and your work is truly amazing. it gives us a better understanding of our universe."
/Abhishek Sinha

/Shalom Eliezer

"Congratulations! A breakthrough for the comprehension of the fundamental interactions."
/Paolo Inglese

"Congratulations in winning the prize, I hope there will be many more such wonderful and life changing discoveries to come!"
/R P

"Congratulations!Thank you for you contribution to the physics."
/Zhixin Yang

"Congratulations on the big prize. Happily neutrino which ur prize highlighted has benched an idea for a fiction work I'm writing. Regards."
/Charles E. Umeadi-Abana

"Great to get more into the depth of the tiny...humanity is closer to the answers of many ultimate questions"
/Swastik Sharma

"Congratulation, amazing"
/Ireine Nindatu

/carmela rosse

"Congratulations. Well deserved!"
/valerie swan

"I am proud of you, thanks for inspiration works."
/Nima Sherafati

"The world is permeated with unknowns and conjecture. It is so pround and wonderful to witness human has not stop seeking for the truths!"
/Duy Nhan

"Great discovery"

"Congratulations all nobel prize winners"
/Chandrashekhar Pomu Chavan

"congrats and nominees ...."

"Congratulations for the great achievement"
/Naveen peddoju


"Congratulation to Prof. Kajita and Prof. McDonald. Neutrino has changed our understanding of matter and its interactions in universe."
/Asan Damanik, Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

"congratulations TAKAAK KAJITA & ARTHR B MCDONALD for the great discovery of nutrinos... congratulations"
/orang'o Geoffrey Nyakeri

"Message for Dr Art McDonald Congratulations from Bonnie and Conrad Sitter, Exeter Ontario. Remembering our time in Deep and Chalk River"
/Bonnie Sitter

"That's my professor !"
/Omar B

"Congratulations. Your discoveries will change the books."

"CONGRATS....... The same information is available in Indian metaphysics written in Sansrit language..."

"My heartily congratulations to Prof. Takaaki Kajita, and Prof. Arthur B. McDonald"
/Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif, Menoufia University, Egypt

"Congratulations to both the professors"

"I am very proud Arthur B Macdonald what a contribution to physics. Thousands of salutes to you"
/Rajdeep Sarkar

"congratulation arthur b mcdonald"

"I love physics. I am Bangladeshi and I wish there will be someone like you in the future. Thank you."

"AMAZING JOB!!!!! Really inspired. I will definitely win one in the future!!!!!"
/Naveen Balaji

"Congratulations forwarding humanity to particle advanced human scientific galactic society ."
/Sivakumar Erive

"Congratulations. Now we have a categorical answer if the neutrino has mass."
/Emmanuel Arias, SPS-PH

/Hardy Soni

"Congratulations for your great discovery."
/abdullah al saad

"Congratulions!You really deserve it."

"My heartily congratulations to all."
/Sarath kumar

"I am a physics graduate congrats"
/sumanth bhat

"Congrats, physicists!"
/Raji Heyrovska


"congratulations to both of you for finding the changing role of ghost particle neutrino."
/Mrinal kumar.reseacher patna bihar.

"congratulations for delivering us from neutrinos puzzle"

"congrats sir for two of then those who worked hard to get this most memorable aspect in your life time, once more greeting to you"
/Er. N. Naveen Chezhian

"A heartfelt greetings to Both the physicist for great achievement and contribution towards the modification of standard model of Particle Physics"

"Congratulations for the poineering works in neutrino research."
/Dr A M Varaprasad

"Congratulations from the daughter of Mel Schwartz, another neutrino discoverer and Nobel winner! October has always been a special month in our family."
/Diana (Schwartz) Bodell

"Congratulations Art!!"
/Willy Lennard

"Congrats!!! Hope it all works out good for you and your family!"

"Certainely both professors deserved this great Nobel Prize for their great hard work and perseverance!"
/Issam Mohanna

""Warmest congratulations to Prof. Kajita and McDonald for these remarkable discoveries......."
/Bhuvan Bhaskar Tiwari

"Dear physicists, i wanna express my gratitude to you for your hard work. You have made already a lot of useful inventions for all humanity, and it helps us to feel comfortable in our rapidly running life. SPb ETU "LETI",Russia"
/Evgeniy Matsukovich

"thank you for your hard work in improving our understanding of this universe."
/M Faisal M

"Certainly both professors deserve the great Nobel Prize in physics for their hard work and perseverance in reaching and confirming an outstanding breakthrough!"
/Issam Mohanna

"Dear laureates! We are happy to hear the news about the award you the Nobel Prize! Thank you for your wisdom! With its help you, based on evidence and intelligence, helping people to explain the world in which we all live. Thank you also for the courage to dream and achieve the ideal of the future! Your opening - superior to many of the achievements of modern science, creating a real new world! "
/Yevgeniya Sadykova

/Dr. Toshinobu Obata

"Wish you best in everything. When we grow up, we will follow your footsteps."
/Thammasat University physics undergraduate students

"Hearty Congratulations to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for their fundamental work on Neutrinos! The torch is being passed onto the new generation of physicists."
/Sree Ram Valluri

"Congrats, for all icredible work you`ve done!! And thanks for making our difficult galaxy more understandble!"
/Serbova Alice, SPb ETU "LETI", Russia

"Congratulations, Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. Mcdonald! Thank you for this great work! Hope that many scientists will be inspired by it."
/Yurev Alexey, SPB ETU "LETI", Russia

"Congratulations Takaaki, Arthur and your teams! Thank you very much for your reseach and great achievements! Thank you for your substantial contribution for reseaching this mysterious particles - neutrinos! We will use your research results in our future working!"
/Sablina July, SPb ETU "LETI"

"I wholeheartedly congratulate Dr. Kajjta and Dr. McDonald for their outstanding achievement."
/Navneet Arora

"My warmest congratulations to Dr. Kajita and Dr. McDonald."
/Venkata Chivukula

"Congratulation respected sir great discovery after photon."
/Subhash kumar

"I feel proud to congratulate Nobel laureates 2015. May god gave them more strength and courage to help the mankind. Kudos."
/Ashok Kumar V

"Congratulations, neutrinos! You've come a long way!"
/M.A. Norton

"congratulations to all"
/Alistair McDonald

"a big congrats to all the amazing physicist !! we are glad for the mankind"
/sakshi srivastava

"Congratulations on the discovery of neutrino oscillations. Following you!"
/Michael Kotur, Paris.

"Thanks for Inventing this"
/vijay kumar

"thank you for your work"

"Congratulations! And thank you for all!"
/Aristea Boulouxi

"prof.shaher Momani deserves the Nobel prize in Physiccs for his outstanding research on Fractional Calculus"
/D.Fatima eid aladwan

"My congratulations"
/Sanathdeva/ Sri Lanka

"Congratulations to Takkaki Kajitha and Arthur B. Mc Donald in physics and Tu youyou in medicine"
/Ravi Kumar Biroju

"Congratulation, Respected sir"
/Dr. Bhagwat Kharat

"Congratulations Sir for your revolutionary research for Science! BANGLADESH."

"Best contribution to PHYSICS! Many scientists will be inspired by those NOBEL LAUREATES."

"Congratulations to both of you Sir, ur work will definitely encourage the young physicist & physics lovers...!!"
/Nilesh Narayan Petkar

"heartily congratulations to Dr. Takakaaki Kajita and Dr. McDonald for the discovery of neutrino oscillations which shows that neutrinos have mass,"
/Muralidhar Lonikar

"Congratulations, You have made knowing this Universe easier."
/Arinjaya jain

"Cogratulation takkai kajita and mc donalds your resurh of vary good"
/Umenndra nishad

"Thanks Youyou Tu for your harh work and that save us our lives. Your harh work is our live and happiness ,no more tears for malaria. Hearty congrats"
/Ropuia, Saiha MiZoram , India

"Felicitations from Haiti. We appreciate science and you did it. We still have dreams, but you make one true."
/Rulx Narcisse

"Opens a whole new world of research!"

"Hearty Congratulations Sir for the Great achievement."
/Dr Nilay Suthar, MD


"Congratulations.... It is tribute to ur works... Innovated something for us..."

"Awsmmmm ....really thankful these legends .....n congratts ......"

"Great work congratulations"
/Ahmed Mansour Albasel

""Congrats to two great Nobel Laureates""
/Dr. Muhammad Abrar

"Congratulations and salute to all of the Nobel Laureates. You are the inspiration for all physics students."

"Congratulations to all the winners."

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