Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates
Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates
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Who Deserves a Nobel Prize?

The Nobel Prizes were created by Alfred Nobel for promoting outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and for work in peace. In his will, he dictated that most of his fortune should be used for prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind. Below, you can see the suggestions from's visitors.


These Deserve a Nobel Prize:

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"Francesco Benozzo for his poetry of rebellion and for his way of interpreting the wisdom of nature"
/Tristram Lee / Portland

"Francesco Benozzo, the poet with the harp"
/Therese Malcom / Brest

"In his poems Francesco Benozzo explores contextual relationships between the people and their feelings. A great poet who deserves the Nobel"
/Claire Wood, Emerson College / Boston

"In Francesco Benozzo landscape holds more than a descriptive beauty;it also holds hidden meaning, taking a reader deeper into a true vision"
/Alfondina Manhire / Portland

"Francesco Benozzo, for is capability od creating connections between the landscape in nature and the landscape of the heart"
/Roshy Magjun Davies / Cardiff

"Angela Merkel deserves a Peace Nobel Prize for her strong engagement in helping solve the problems caused by the refugee crisis and the war"

"Shahriar Mandanipour is an Iranian novelist and essayist. His Novels structure a unique vision and are the masterpiece of contemporary litre"
/Delaram Mehrdad

"Joyce Carol Oates for Literature!"

"Francesco Benozzo for the Nobel in literature"
/Chad Kelly-Dewitt

"In his epic poems Francesco Benozzo deliberately blurres the boundaries between mind and nature. His poetry deserves the Nobel prize"
/Alison Coleman - "Poetry Flash" / Berkeley

"Franceso Benozzo"
/Molly Stallings / Dublin

"Francesco Benozzo: his "Oneiric Geology" is one of the poetic masterpieces of XXI century"
/Patrick Mullin / NY

"Francesco Benozzo: his poetry is psychologically real, through a projection of the self onto nature. No other poets reach his intensity"
/Jennifer Higgins / Toronto

"Francesco Benozzo, poet, musician, academic, and creator of a new poetic language able to describe the inner lives of nature"
/Annie Kelleher / NY

"Francesco Benozzo portrays the natural world raised to an ideal level, anti-natural, inorganic, pre-human. He created a new language"
/Potomac Review / Maryland

"Francesco Benozzo (Liiterature)"
/Nicola Manetti / Roma

"Francesco Benozzo for his anarchist approach to landscapes and reality"
/Harald Busterl

"Francesco Benozzo uses unusual, achingly poetic words for nature and creates a lexicon we all can learn in order to open our eyes"
/Stephan Richard / Baltimora

"Francesco Benozzo (literature)"
/Post Road Magazine / Toronto

"Francesco Benozzo for being able to speak a poetic language which is universal and not confined to national languages"
/Richard Nonas

"Stephen King"

"Bob Dylan, for creating a body of work that not only defined his generation but also embodied the unique poetic voice of a nation."

"Dr. Ben Carson for separating conjoined twins at the head"
/Thomas fortunato

"Jaque Fresco deserves a Nobel in Economy for all his work about Resources Based Economy and Rationally Designed Societies."
/René Ramírez Iñiguez

"I think, for literature, Joyce Carol Oats should win this prize."

"Harriet Ross Tubman should receive the Nobel Peace Prize because: 1.freed slave prisoners after she freed herself"
/Shirley E. Johnson

"Buddha for showing the path to enlightenment"

"Jackie Robinson deserved the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1947. Nonviolence Philip Roth deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature"
/Eliot Richardson

"Mia Couto for literature"
/Mark K.

"I think the one who deserves is a man called Aluney Elferr de Albuquerque Silva, from Brazil who has struggled for all people who used drugs in Amazon State and other states of Brazil. He for 22 yrs has been helping these people and need to be recognized, above all, there is any Government helping him to do this"
/Paulo Santos

"Philip Roth"

"I think that Gandhi deserved a nobel prize because he was and still is one of the most important peacemaker in Indian history. -A 10 yr old"
/Jezzmine Cortez

"White Helmets"
/Mónica SS

"Bill gates"

"I suggested Jacque Fresco for The Venus Project (Economics). It is time we change the world, not support what we have !"
/Elon Musk

"Rodrigo Londoño Fuerzas Revolucionario farc"
/Daniel Londoño

"Franceesco Benozzo's nature poems about our surroundings and or land, allow us to truly appreciate the world"
/L.Alison / Pittsburg Quarterly

"Francesco Benozzo is a worshipper of Nature, a Nature's devotee or high-priest, able to write inside landscapes and about them"
/T.A. Minney / Los Angeles

"Mustafa Kemal Atatürk"
/Ya??z Abi?

"Francesco Benozzo and his poetry between geology and spirituality"
/H. Gerry Jarman

"Francesco Benozzo for his poetry of nature"
/Rebecca Algore

"Francesco Benozzo"
/Oliver Johnston / Bangor

"Jacque Fresco."
/Ivo Jusis

"Obviously Martin Luther King. He saved black peoples lives in America and across the world."

"Albert einstein"
/Dezz Nutz

"My Father, Graham Geddes, Introducing the European, Asian, Indian, Sri Lanka and probably so much more. Graham is a true believer in life"
/Lily Geddes

"John Lennon"
/Will Price

"Vera Rubin deserves the Nobel in Physics for her contribution to confirm the existence of dark matter in the Universe"

"Carles Puente for Fractal Antenna. It is the base for all communication devices (small, no interference with other devices)."
/F.M. Puetz

"I would say Nikola Tesla because he had a vision"
/Hans Huber

"Nobel should go back to a free poet after too many politically involved prosewriters:in this respect Francesco Benozzo is the best candidate"
/Føroyar LBJ / Dk

"Francesco Benozzo, the voice of wild landscapes"
/X. Correio

"If human values, personal integrity, up holding a constitution and serving the public good are criteria; then I propose Edward Snowden!"
/Charles Wiseman

"I think Oliver Hart, Milton Grossman and John Moore should win the prize for economic sciences, for they study of incomplete contracts."
/Luke Phelps

"Francesco Benozzo, the poet of stones, cliffs and forests"
/The Scottish Centre for Contemporary Literature

"Francesco Benozzo: Academy should consider the outstanding quality of his poetry and writings"
/L. Maltrack/ Living Poetry Journal

"I think Bill Berners-Lee should win it as his uncle invented the internet and he won a psychology award in school this year which is huge!"
/Mahatma Gandhi

"Malala should win because she risked her life for others and still is she is a role model to me and many other girls all over the planet"
/Jacklen sparrow

"I think Jon Fosse will recive the Nobel price in literature. Excelent writer."
/Mari-Ann Forssberg

"The Academy should consider the outstanding quality of his poetry and writings"
/L. Maltrack/ Living Poetry Journal

"The italian poet Franxesco Benozzo for literature"
/William F. Long

"Francesco Benozzo for his epic poems inspired by the traditional singers of tales"
/John S. Allen / Toronto

"Nooooooo, please do not nominate The peace agreement of Colombia. This generates war instead of peace in our country"
/David Penagos Echeverri

"jacque fresco (founder of venus project)"
/rene eichinger

"I just read Hasan Ali Toptas in German and in French- He is a unique writer. Academy should follow him closely"
/Petra Neuman

"Leo Fender & Orville Gibson. Their contribution to support artistic peaceful expression through innovation and design of the iconic guitars."

"Hasan Ali Toptas for Literature, the master of the words, Kafka of the East"
/Jeremy O'Neill

"Ismail Kadare, Albanian writer. The best modern author"
/Ermelinda Ademi

"Francesco Benozzo for the Nobel in Literature"
/G. Rees - Boston Review

"Alfred Nobel, as he made the prize given to the winners"
/amey deshpande

"mother theresa"

"Jacque Fresco, for his vision on the world and what it could be. Beyond politics, poverty and war. The choice is ours."
/Karl Bal

"The Itallian poet Francesco Benozzo, who is a modern Giosue Carducci (Nobel prize in 1916): poet, philologist, intellectual"
/Tullio Sermani / Roma

"Jacque Fresco - for his lifetime devotion to complete systems analysis and a blueprint for a world of peace and sustainability."
/Lars Christensen

"Francesco Benozzo deserves the Nobel in Literature as an aknowledgment to oral poetry and to traditional communities"
/The Poets' Circle, Warwick

"The Italian poet Franceso Benozzo for his oral epic poems"
/Michelle Rosenberg

"Francesco Benozzo for his epic poems about landscapes"

"The anarchist poet Francesco Benozzo for his geological poems"
/Emma Howard / Durham

"Francesco Benozzo for his epic poems about the stories of earth"
/Ridley Kerry

"Prof. Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, because she discovered for first the Pulsars neutron stars, and the Nobel Prize was "stolen" by Hewish."

"Jacque Fresco, for giving hope in mankind, Resource Based Economy"
/Aleksandrs Asmikovics

"O engenheiro que inventou a lampa de de 100 anos e ainda foi ameaçado de morte."
/Benito Muros

"Jacque Fresco"
/Jose Rodriguez

"I believe that Jacque Fresco deserves a Nobel Peace price for his work on the Venus Project and the Resource Based Economy."
/Anthony Line

"I think that the prime ministers of Bangladesh & India (Shakh Hasina & Norendro Modi) jointly deserve the Nobel prize in peace. Because they've made a historic solution of border conflict between these two countries according to the Mujib-Indira (the then prime ministers of Bangladesh & India) border agreement which was signed in 1974."
/Masum Hussain

"Jacque Fresco for The Venus Project. (Economics) Peter Joseph for the Zeitgeist Movement (Peace)"
/Richard Santiago

"Colombia has ended a 52-year-long war. The peacemakers involved in bringing a close to this horrible conflict should win."
/Deann Landers

"Franziska Michor, for her forwarding the ability of many sciences to work cohesively towards a helpmeet for fighting cancer, with predictable and quantifiable outcomes regarding tumor genesis, thereby extending hope for us all."

"Michel Houellebecq for using his novels to tackle topics everybody else chose to ignore and for the consistency of his pessimistic worldview"
/Hugo Rodrigues from Sintra, Portugal

"Mohammad Javad Zarif For the efforts to make the Iran Nuclear Deal happen!"

"Chelsea Manning. Because the behavior of the army is the soldiers responsibility. Because peace requiers a firm understanding of human value"
/Solveig Stokkeland

"Mohammad Javad Zarif For the efforts to make the Iran Nuclear Deal happen!"

"Francesco Benozzo for his poetry in defence of natural places and for his use of techniques belonging to the ancient tradition of oral poetry."

"Tiago Lameiras, for his work in both the Academy and Literature, multiplied by several genres, revealing his aptitude to discuss Humanity."
/Jean-Yves Mercier

"Tim Berners Lee who made the internet"
/Web Guru

"Francesco Benozzo, bard, poet, musician"
/Barry Trevord Johnson

"the LIGO's crew member who discover gravitational waves"
/mehdi jaa

"I highly recommend Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder. He has connected the world, philanthropy work, interest in medicine, climate, energy"
/Onesmo Petro

"Ms Joan Baez for her LIFETIME commitment for Peace, Non-violence and Human Rights. She is still an activist."
/Claude Marchand

"Gravitational wave researchers for the detection of gravitational waves."
/Susanne Milde

Who can nominate for a Nobel Prize?

No person can nominate herself/himself for a Nobel Prize. Valid nominators are members of academies, university professors, scientists, previous Nobel Laureates, members of parliamentary assemblies and others. The Nobel Committees are responsible for the selection of the candidates.

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Alfred Nobel's will and the establishment of the Nobel Prize


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