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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:36 - 1
Name: Comité de Secours aux pacifistes exilés
Profession:Committee aimed at ensuring security for exiled pacifists
Motivation:Comité de Secours aux pacifistes exilés was nominated for its efforts to help exiled pacifists continue their work. It organized peace activities and promoted the work of exiled pacifists. The nominator emphasized the financial importance of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
Name:Ludwig Quidde
Year, Birth:1858
Year, Death:1941
Profession:Former professor. Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1927.
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Comments: Quidde founded the Comité de Secours aux pacifistes exilés October 5, 1936. According to the rules of the Nobel Foundation, this candidacy was not valid due to the fact that the committee had not been operative for at least one year.

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