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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:38 - 1
Nominee 1:
Name: Union des Associations pour la Société des Nations
Profession:Union of Associations of the League of Nations
Nominee 2:
Name: The Inter-Parliamentary Union
Motivation:Union des Associations pour la Société des Nations was founded in 1919 as a debate forum for the League of Nations. Its aim was to reach a decision on how to organize the League of Nations. The Union prepared cases for the League of Nations, and it contributed to increased understanding between the national associations of the League. The Inter-Parliamentary Union promoted peace and contributed to the development and enforcement of international law and arbitration. The Union organized annual inter-parliamentary conferences to discuss possible solutions to international problems that could be handled by the League of Nations. It promoted parliamentary control of foreign affairs and reduction of armaments.
Name:Gaston Moch
Year, Birth:1859
Year, Death:1935
Profession:Hon.Vice President of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Comments: The nominator suggested that one of the nominees ought to get the prize for 1929 or the prize for 1930, or they could share one of them.

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