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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Number:43 - 1
Name:Emil A von Behring
Year, Birth:1854
Year, Death:1917
Profession:prof hygiene
University:University of Marburg
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1901
Motivation:Discovery of serum therapy against diphtheria.
Name:W Nolen
Profession:prof clinical medicine and pharmacology
University:Leiden University
Comments: 1. Nomination was made jointly in the same letter by the following members of the Faculty of Medicine, Leiden University, NL: T. Zaayer, prof anatomy; Siegmund Rosenstein, prof clinical medicine; M:c Gillany, prof general pathology and hygiene; J.E. van Iterson, prof surgery; W. Einthoven, prof physiology; W. Nolen, prof clinical medicine and pharmacology; W. Koster Gzn., prof ophthalmology and otology J. Weit, prof obstetrics and gynecology; and G. Jelgersma, prof psychiatry. See entry 43-0. 2. A supplement to the evaluation was made by Carl Sundberg. Evaluation included E. Roux.

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