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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:3 - 1
Name:Antonio Sanchez de Bustamante y Sirvén
Year, Birth:1865
Year, Death:1951
Profession:Professor of International Law.
University:University of Havana
Country:CUBA (CU)
Motivation:The nominators emphasized Bustamante's contribution to the development of international law, and also his achievements as a judge of the Permanent Court of International Justice.
Name:Gabriel Aramburo
Profession:Professor. Member of Academia del Derecho Internacional
University:Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Country:BOLIVIA (BO)
Comments: The nomination was submitted on behalf of the members of Academia del Derecho Internacional. Bustamante had been a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration from 1908 to 1926, and he had been a member of the Permanent Court of International Justice from 1921 to 1939.

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