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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:3 - 4
Name:Jean de Bloch
Year, Birth:1836
Year, Death:1902
Profession:Industrialist, philanthropist, publicist.
Motivation:Bloch was nominated for his work "The Future of War in its Technical, Economic and Political Relations" (6 vols., 1898). One of his conclusions was that there would be no decisive victories in future land wars between great powers; the armies would entrench themselves and the ensuing deadlock would last for years. Armed conflict would be determined not by military success but by the eventual economic collapse of societies.
Name:Count Nigra
Profession:Former Italian ambassador to Austria. Sentator.
Country:ITALY (IT)
Comments: Nigra wanted the Norwegian Nobel Committee to bestow an honorary peace award on Czar Nikolai II of Russia for his initiative that resulted in the 1899 Hague Peace Conference. In addition, Nigra wished that the Nobel Committee would divide the prize money between some worthy peace workers, namely Frédéric Passy, Bertha von Suttner and Jean de Bloch. Emperor Nikolai II is said to have been influenced by "The Future of War in its Technical, Economic and Politic Relations" in his decision to convene the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899.

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