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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:4 - 4
Nominee 1:
Name:Sir Joseph Austen Chamberlain
Year, Birth:1863
Year, Death:1937
Profession:Foreign Secretary (1924 - 1929).
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1925
Nominee 2:
Name:Aristide Pierre Henri Briand
Year, Birth:1862
Year, Death:1932
Profession:Jurist and journalist. Member of parliament. Prime Minister. Foreign Minister
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1926
Motivation:Briand and Chamberlain were nominated for their efforts to conclude the Pact of Locarno in 1925. Proponents of reconciliation, arbitration and negotiation. The Pact of Locarno sought to normalize relations between Germany and its former enemies. It intended to secure peace in western Europe by eliminating the possibility of border disputes involving Germany, whereby Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain and Italy mutually guaranteed peace in western Europe.
Name:Wilhelm Keilhau
Profession:Advisor to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
University:University of Oslo
Country:NORWAY (NO)
Comments: Keilhau suggested that the prize for 1926 was divided between Briand and Chamberlain, while the reserved prize for 1925 was divided between Luther and Stresemann. The reserved prize for 1925 was divided between Charles Dawes and Chamberlain. The prize for 1926 was divided between Briand and Stresemann.

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