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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:4 - 8
Name:Sir Ralph Norman Angell Lane
Year, Birth:1872
Year, Death:1967
Profession:Journalist, editor, author and lecturer.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1933
Motivation:Angell advocated peace, pacifism and international understanding. He had written "The Great Illusion" (1910), in which he claimed that it was an illusion that war could be profitable to a nation, and he maintained that this illusion was going to lead Europe into a state of war. Angell also wrote "America and The New World-State"(1912), "The World's Highway" (1916) and several other works. "The Unseen Assassins" (1932) described nationalism as the greatest threat to world peace.
Name:F. Seymour Cocks
Profession:Member of the British parliament
Comments: The nomination of Angell received overwhelming support, especially in the USA. Some of his political companions had initiated a campaign in favour of his candidacy, led by F.S. Cocks and Lord Snowden (members of the British parliament). A man called Mr. Wrench sent circulars (motivation based on the book "Unseen Assassins") around the world. F. Seymour Cocks and Lord Snowden enclosed a list of the names of prominent persons supporting Angell's candidacy. In 1934 Angell received the reserved Nobel Peace Prize for 1933.

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