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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Number:120 - 9
Name:Hans Spemann
Year, Birth:1869
Year, Death:1941
Profession:prof zoology
University:University of Freiburg
City:Freiburg im Breisgau
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1935
Motivation:Work on the organizer effect of organs and organ parts in embryonic development.
Name:A Benninghoff
Profession:Prof anatomy
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Comments: Nomination was made jointly in the same letter by the following professors in Kiel, DE: W. Anschütz, prof surgery, L. Jores, prof pathology, V. Klingmüller, prof dermatology, E. Ziemke, prof forensic medicine, G. Stertz, prof psychiatry and neurology, O. Aichel, prof anthropology, H. Schröder, prof gynecology, E. Rominger, prof pediatrics, F. Kültz, prof pharmacology, A. Benninghoff, prof anatomy, A. Seiffert, prof oto-rhino-laryngology.

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