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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Number:53 - 5
Name:Albert von Szent-Györgyi
Year, Birth:1893
Year, Death:1986
Profession:prof medical chemistry
University:University of Szeged
Country:HUNGARY (HU)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1937
Motivation:The discovery of ascorbic acid and its identification with Vitamin C.
Name:G Ditrói
Profession:Prof ophthalmiatrics
Comments: Nomination was made jointly in the same letter by the following professors: F. von Poor, prof dermatology and syphilidology, J. Berecz, prof obstetrics and gynecology, C. Vidakovits, prof surgery, E. Veress, prof physiology, G. Ditrói, prof ophthalmiatrics.

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