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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:5 - 1
Name:William Randal Cremer
Year, Birth:1828
Year, Death:1908
Profession:Member of parliament. Secretary of the International Arbitration League. Cofounder of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1903
Motivation:Cremer established the International Arbitration League in 1870. He initiated an arbitration treaty between Great Britain and the USA. Cremer organized and promoted inter-parliamentary peace conferences, and he was editor of the journal "The Arbitrator". He was the only labor leader in the peace movement and he promoted brotherhood between the working classes in England and France. Cremer was also one of the founders of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Name:Baron Clemens von Pirquet
Profession:Physician. Member of the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Country:AUSTRIA (AT)
Comments: Pirquet also nominated Descamps, Gobat, Suttner and John Lund. The nomination was later supported by Ernest Plener (Member of the Austrian parliament).

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