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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:5 - 4
Nominee 1:
Name:William Randal Cremer
Year, Birth:1828
Year, Death:1908
Profession:Member of parliament. Secretary of the International Arbitration League. Cofounder of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1903
Nominee 2:
Name:Klas Pontus Arnoldson
Year, Birth:1844
Year, Death:1916
Profession:Veteran peace activist. Author, orator and peace society leader.
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1908
Nominee 3:
Name:Fredrik Bajer
Year, Birth:1837
Year, Death:1922
Profession:Veteran peace worker. Member of the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Commission of the Peace Bureau.
Country:DENMARK (DK)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1908
Name:Hans Jakob Horst
Year, Birth:1848
Year, Death:1931
Profession:Rector. Member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee (1901-1931).
City:Kristiania (now Oslo)
Country:NORWAY (NO)
Comments: Horst also suggested the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the Permanent International Peace Bureau, the former being his first and primary choice. If the prize was to be awarded individuals, he suggested a divided prize between Cremer and Arnoldson as his first choice. In case this was not agreed upon by the Nobel Committee he suggested a divided prize between Cremer and Bajer.

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