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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:6 - 1
Name:Chevalier Edouard Eugène F Descamps
Year, Birth:1847
Year, Death:1933
Profession:Professor of International Law
City:Leuven (Louvain Löwen)
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Motivation:Descamps was nominated for his inter-parliamentary peace work. President of the sixth Inter-Parliamentary Peace Conference in Brussels in 1895, and Belgian delegate to the peace conference at The Hague in 1899. He was elected Secretary General of the Institute of International Law in 1900. Descamps wrote significant works on neutrality and disarmament, and he also contributed to the abolitionist movement.
Name:Baron Clemens von Pirquet
Profession:Physician. Member of the Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union
Country:AUSTRIA (AT)
Comments: The nominator also nominated Cremer, Suttner, Gobat and Lund. The nomination was later supported by Ernest Plener (Member of the Austrian Parliament).

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