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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:6 - 3
Name:Élie Ducommun
Year, Birth:1833
Year, Death:1906
Profession:Veteran peace advocate. Honorary secretary of the Permanent International Peace Bureau.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1902
Motivation:Ducommun was the unpaid leader of the Permanent International Peace Bureau, and his work was therefore closely connected to it. He actively started working for peace in 1867 when he participated at the foundation of Ligue de la Paix et de la Liberté. Ducommun advocated a pragmatic and practical approach to peace work, and he promoted international arbitration.
Name:Henri Morel
Profession:Member of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau
Comments: Morel nominated Elie Ducommun as his primary choice. Secondly he suggested a divided prize to Ducommun and the Permanent International Peace Bureau. As a third alternative he suggested giving the prize to both Ducommun and Passy.

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