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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physics
Number:1 - 5
Nominee 1:
Name:Georges Gouy
Year, Birth:1854
Year, Death:1926
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Nominee 2:
Name:Henri Mouton
Year, Birth:1885
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Name:Marcel Brillouin
Profession:chairholder at invited university
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Comments: First choice: H. Abraham, A. Dufour and G.A. Ferrié, divided (see entry 1-1, 1916). Second choice: R. Benoit (see entry 1-2, 1916). Third choice: P. Langevin, J. Perrin and P. Weiss (see entry 1-3, 1916), divided. Fourth choice: A. Cotton, P. Duhem, C. Fabry (see entry 1-4, 1916), G. Gouy and H. Mouton, divided.

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