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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:10 - 1
Name:Andreo Cseh
Year, Birth:1895
Year, Death:1979
Profession:Roman Catholic priest.
City:The Hague
Motivation:Cseh was nominated because the peace prize would be "a well deserved recompense for his apostolic action for international understanding and peace". He had been working for peace for more than 22 years, and from 1920 he had devoted his entire life to the peace cause. Cseh wanted to make people understand each other by means of a common language, and he chose the international language Esperanto as his tool. He founded a special institute at The Hague that was working on reconciliation of mankind.
Name:Henri Marie La Fontaine
Year, Birth:1854
Year, Death:1943
Profession:Member of the Permanent International Peace Bureau and Inter-Parliamentary Union. Nobel Peace Prize laureate1913.
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Comments: La Fontaine submitted the nomination on behalf of several politicians and professors.

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