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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:10 - 1
Nominee 1:
Name: The Norwegian Committee of the Red Cross
Profession:National branch of the International Committee of the Red Cross
Country:NORWAY (NO)
Nominee 2:
Name: The International Committee of the Red Cross
Profession:NGO aimed at aiding victims of war and ensuring observance of humanitarian law
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1917
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1963
Motivation:The Red Cross was nominated for its efforts to further solidarity, brotherhood and humanity through its work for injured soldiers and prisoners of war.
Name:Frede Castberg
Profession:Professor of Jurisprudence. Advisor to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.
University:University of Oslo
Country:NORWAY (NO)
Comments: The nominations made in 1944 and 1945 were valid for the reserved prize for 1944 and for the 1945 peace prize. Jean Henri Dunant, cowinner of the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901, was the founder of the Red Cross. The nominator suggested that the Red Cross was awarded the prize for 1945 or the reserved prize for 1944.

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