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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:10 - 1
Name:Lord (John) Boyd Orr of Brechin
Year, Birth:1880
Year, Death:1971
Profession:Physician and nutritionist. Founding director-general of the UN Food and Agricultural Organization.
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1949
Motivation:Boyd Orr was responsible for Great Britain's food policy during World War II, and he actively promoted international coordination of food supplies. In 1945 the UN Food and Agriculture Organization was formally established, and Boyd Orr became its director-general. He initiated the founding of the International Emergency Food Council in 1946, and its aim was to meet the urgent need to revive agricultural production in order to prevent the famine that threatened numerous countries in the world.
Name:G Bailey
Profession:Member of the British parliament
Comments: Bailey had enclosed a circular signed by 130 well known men and women. The nominator also referred to statements made by prominent British pressmen. Boyd Orr was also the founder of the International Emergency Food Council, and he was president of the National Peace Council and the World Union of Peace Organizations. Boyd Orr was knighted in 1935.

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