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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Literature
Number:11 - 4
Name:Frederi (Frédéric) Mistral
Year, Birth:1830
Year, Death:1914
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature 1904
Motivation:"Oeuvres, texte et traduction" ('Works, text and translation'). "Mireille". "Calendau" ('Calendau'), 1887. "Les îles d'or" ('The Golden Isles'), 1889. "La reine Jeanne, tragédie provençale" ('Queen Jeanne, a Provencal Tragedy'). "Le poème du Rhône en 12 chants" ('The Song of the Rhone'). "Nerto, provençal. Erzählung" ('Nerto, Provençal. Anecdote'). "Mirèio, provençal. Dichtung" ('Mirèio, Provençal. Poetry').
Name:Carl Appel
Profession:Professor of Romance philology and literature
City:Breslau (Wrocław)
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Comments: MireÌio : a Provençal poem / translated by Harriet W. Preston. – Boston : Roberts Brothers, 1872 Anglora : the song of the Rhone / translation from the modern Provençal by Maro Beath Jones. – Claremont, Calif., Saunders Studio Press, 1937

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