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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:13 - 7
Nominee 1:
Name:Thomas Woodrow Wilson
Year, Birth:1856
Year, Death:1924
Profession:President (1913-1921).
City:Washington, DC
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1919
Nominee 2:
Name:Christian Lous Lange
Year, Birth:1869
Year, Death:1938
Profession:Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (1909-1933).
University:Kristiania University
City:Kristiania (now Oslo)
Country:NORWAY (NO)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1921
Motivation:Wilson advocated international law and arbitration. In January 1917 he had made an unsuccessful attempt to persuade the belligerents to end the war, calling for a "peace without victory". After the USA had entered the war, Wilson outlined his view on a post-war settlement through his "Fourteen points". These became the guiding principles for the Paris Peace Conference (1919-20), and included the establishment of the League of Nations. However, Wilson failed to obtain ratification of the Treaty of Versailles, and the USA did not join the League of Nations. Lange served as secretary to the Norwegian Nobel Committee from 1901 to 1909, and he played an important role in the founding and development of the Norwegian Nobel Institute that opened in 1905. He advocated peace and disarmament and he attended several international peace conferences. Lange was secretary general of the Inter-Parliamentary Union from 1909 to 1933. During WWI he moved the office of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to Oslo, in order to continue and preserve the work of the Union and to protect its records from possible wartime destruction.
Name:Axel Theodor Adelswärd
Year, Birth:1860
Year, Death:1929
Profession:Chairman of the Swedish Inter-Parliamentary Group
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Comments: The nomination was made on behalf of the Swedish Inter-Parliamentary Group. In 1920 Wilson received the reserved prize for 1919.

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