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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:14 - 2
Name:Edo Fimmen
Year, Birth:1881
Profession:Trade union leader
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Name:Vladimír Clementis
Profession:Member of the Council of the Permanent International Peace Bureau
Comments: Fimmen was elected secretary both of the International Federation of Transport Workers and the Association of International Trade Unions in 1919. He was forced to leave the latter in 1923; he had encouraged a joint action by the European trade unions against the new dangers of war and for the protection of the German working class. Fimmen was re-elected in 1924, agitating for a proletarian revolution in order to establish a union of free proletarian republics. Vladimìr Clementis was a lawyer, political journalist and communist politician. Slovakia was at the time part of Czechoslovakia.

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