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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:15 - 2
Name:Jean Efremoff
Profession:Former member of parliament. Former Minister of Justice.
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Motivation:Efremoff founded and organized the Russian Inter-Parliamentary Group(1909). He worked within the League of Nations to establish an international mediation institution by proposing an International Institute of Conciliation. He published many articles on the subject in the "Revue de Droit International".
Name:Henri Marie La Fontaine
Year, Birth:1854
Year, Death:1943
Profession:Member of the Permanent International Peace Bureau and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1913.
Country:BELGIUM (BE)
Comments: La Fontaine had also signed a nomination in favour of Andreo Cseh. Efremoff lived in exile in Paris.

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