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Nomination for Nobel Prize in Physics
Number:16 - 1
Nominee 1:
Name:Albert Einstein
Year, Birth:1879
Year, Death:1955
University:Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (now Max-Planck-Institute) for Physics
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics 1921
Nominee 2:
Name:Charles Fabry
Year, Birth:1867
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Nominee 3:
Name:Georges Gouy
Year, Birth:1854
Year, Death:1926
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Name:Marcel Brillouin
Profession:chairholder at invited university
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Comments: First choice: A. Einstein. Second choice: C. Fabry. Third choice: G. Gouy. Fourth choice: P. Langevin (see entry 16-2, 1922). Fifth choice: J. Perrin (see entry 16-2, 1922). Sixth choice: P. Weiss (see entry 16-2, 1922). Einstein received the 1921 prize in physics in 1922.

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