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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:16 - 1
Name:H A van Karnabeek
Profession:Jurist and politician
Motivation:Karnabeek was nominated for his efforts to advocate peace, neutrality and international law. He had been secretary of the first Peace Conference at The Hague in 1899, and he was later secretary of the International Conferences on International Law at The Hague (1900, 1904), Dutch delegate to the Peace Conference 1907, Foreign Minister 1918-27, leader of the Dutch delegation to the League of Nations 1920-27 (President of the assembly 1927), chief delegate to the Washington Conference 1921-22 and the Genoa Conference 1922. He also initiated the neutral conference on drafting the regulations for a permanent international court in 1920. Karnabeek presided over the Dutch association of the League of Nations.
Name:Bernhard Cornelis Johannes Loder
Year, Birth:1849
Year, Death:1935
Profession:Member of the Institute of International Law

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