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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:17 - 3
Name:Francesco Saverio Nitti
Year, Birth:1868
Year, Death:1953
Profession:Doctor of Law. Professor of Economics. Prime Minister 1919-1920
Country:ITALY (IT)
Motivation:Nitti was nominated for the foreign policy he conducted while he was Prime Minister of Italy. He regarded Europe as one unit depending on the equality of each country. Nitti criticized the Versailles Treaty and the ongoing rearmement in the books "Europa senza pace" and "Decandenza dell' Europa". He presided over the Conference of the Allied Forces in San Remo, where he advocated a policy of appeasement towards Austria and protested against the imperialistic policy of Lord Curzon. Nitti attempted to guide the American opinion through his articles in "United Press of America" and the nominators thought this was the reason why the US Senate in November 1922 was willing to discuss the questions of compensation and the Entente policy.
Name:Giovanni Ciraolo
Profession:Member of the Italian Senate
Country:ITALY (IT)

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