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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:18 - 1
Name:Beniamino Pandolfi
Profession:Founder and president of the Italian Peace Society
Country:ITALY (IT)
Motivation:Pandolfi was nominated for his efforts to establish local peace associations (Venice and Turin) and the Italian Peace Society, and also for his inter-parliamentary peace work. He acted as mediator between Italy and Romania, and Italy and France, in an attempt to create greater understanding and a sense of brotherhood between these states.
Name: The Italian Inter-Parliamentary Group
Profession:Members of Parliament
Country:ITALY (IT)
Comments: The name of the nominator is unclear. Inter-Parliamentary Group or Italian Peace Society? In the protocoll Lange gave the executive committee of the Italian Peace Society as nominators, whereas in the report to the Nobel Committee he listed the Italian Inter-Parliamentary Group as nominators. The Italian Peace Society was not entitled to nominate, but some of its members qualified as nominators because they were members of the Italian parliament and the Italian Inter-Parliamentary Group. The nomination is missing from the archive at the Norwegian Nobel Institute. Pandolfi himself asked to borrow the documents concerning him and the secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Christian Lous Lange, obliged. The papers were probably never returned to the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

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