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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:2 - 2
Name:Klas Pontus Arnoldson
Year, Birth:1844
Year, Death:1916
Profession:Veteran peace activist. Author, orator and peace society leader.
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1908
Motivation:Arnoldson was one of the founders of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society, and he carried on a vigorous campaign for arbitration in his writings. He produced substantial works on religion and peace. When Norway began agitation for more equality with Sweden, Arnoldson supported Norway's position. In 1905, when Norway and Sweden came close to a military conflict over the dissolution of the union, Arnoldson stressed the importance of a peaceful solution. He also advocated permanent Nordic neutrality.
Name: 10 former members of the Swedish parliament.
Profession:Members of parliament
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Comments: The nominators emphasized that a peace prize to a Swede would be most satisfactory.

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