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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:23 - 2
Name:Hans Kelsen
Year, Birth:1881
Year, Death:1973
Profession:Jurist, teacher and legal philosopher
Country:AUSTRIA (AT)
Motivation:Kelsen had established a constitutional school based on his doctrine of government (the Viennese school). Kelsen stated that a theory of law should validate and give order to law itself, and his doctrine sought to understand the state from a juridical viewpoint not depending on political, social and psychological arrangements. An ardent supporter of a law reaching beyond the single states, Kelsen stressed the importance of establishing a system of international law emancipated from any political views.
Name:Fredrik Lagerroth
Profession:Professor of Political Science
University:Lund University
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Comments: Kelsen fled when the Nazis had rose to power. After immigrating to the United States in 1940, he taught at Harvard, Berkeley and the Naval War College in Newport.

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