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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:24 - 2
Nominee 1:
Name: Ligue francaise pour la défense des droits de l'homme
Profession:French human rights league
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Nominee 2:
Name:Ferdinand Edouard Buisson
Year, Birth:1841
Year, Death:1932
Profession:Former professor and education administrator. Legislator. President of the French Human Rights League.
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1927
Motivation:Buisson attended several peace conferences, including the Geneva Conference in 1867 that had great influence on the development of the idea of peace. He promoted reconciliation and rapprochement between peoples, a matter of great importance considering the strained relationship between France and Germany. Buisson was founder and president of the League of Human Rights (Ligue des Droits de l'Homme).
Name:Marius Moutet
Year, Birth:1876
Year, Death:1968
Profession:Member of the French parliament.
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Comments: Moutet nomianted the French League of Human Rights (of which Buisson was the founder and President)as his primary choice. If this was not agreed upon by the Committee, the nominator suggested Ferdinand Buisson as an individual candidate. The French League of Human Rights was also on the short list, but no evaluation was written because it was difficult to obtain sufficient material about the organization.

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