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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:24 - 24
Nominee 1:
Name:Otto Umfrid
Year, Birth:1857
Year, Death:1920
Profession:Pastor. Chairman of the Stuttgart branch of the Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft.
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Nominee 2:
Name: Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Motivation:Umfried was chairman of the Stuttgart Peace Society and vice-president of the German Peace Society. He worked hard to change the attitude of the German evangelical clergy towards peace. He wrote and published numerous articles on peace. His major work was "Europa den Europäern. Politische Ketzereien". Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft organized the 7th German peace conference in Kaiserslautern in May 1914, and it stressed the importance of improving Germany's relationship with France and Great Britain.
Name:Adolf Heilberg
Profession:Professor. Member of the Commission of the Permanent International Peace Bureau.
City:Breslau (Wrocław)
Country:GERMANY (DE)
Comments: Most of the nominations in favor of Umfrid seemed to be based on a circular initiated by Alfred Hermann Fried. The nominators especially emphasized that Umfrid recently went blind and that he also had had to resign from office. Breslau was part of Germany. In August 1945 Breslau became part of Poland, and the name was changed to Wroclaw.