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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:25 - 1
Name:Théodore Eugène César Ruyssen
Year, Birth:1868
Year, Death:1967
Profession:Former Professor of Philosophy.
University:University of Bordeaux
Country:FRANCE (FR)
Motivation:Ruyssen was president of "La Paix par le Droit", the most prominent French peace association, and he was editor of the association's journal. He was an executive member of both the International Peace Bureau and "Ligue des Droits de l'Homme". Ruyssen promoted peace and disarmament, and he was secretary general of "Union des Associations pour la Société des Nations" (The Union of Associations of the League of Nations). He had been an important part of the international peace movement for more than 40 years.
Name:Christian Lous Lange
Year, Birth:1869
Year, Death:1938
Profession:Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Nobel Peace Prize laureate 1921.
University:University of Oslo
Country:NORWAY (NO)

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