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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:33 - 1
Name: The Inter-Parliamentary Union
Motivation:The Inter-Parliamentary Union promoted international arbitration and organized annual inter-parliamentary conferences.
Name: The US Inter-Parliamentary Group
Profession:Members of Congress
City:Washington, DC
Comments: Christian Lous Lange, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, lists the American Inter-Parliamentary Group, the Belgian Inter-Parliamentary Group and the Portuguese Inter-Parliamentary Group among the nominators who nominated the Inter-Parliamentary Union. However, there are no mention of these three nominations in the protocoll in which Lange recorded all the incoming nominations. It is possible that these nominations were submitted and not recorded, or that the nominations were submitted orally either to Lange or to one of the committee members and therefore they were not recorded in the protocoll. Most of the IPU's nominators nominated either the Inter-Parliamentary Union or the Inter-Parliamentary Bureau or both. Christian Lous Lange, secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, rearded the Union and the Bureau as one candidate; the Bureau was the executive body of the Union. The nominators wished to to reward the IPU and its Bureau with a Nobel Peace Prize for its accomplishments so far and to provide the IPU with means to develop the organization and to guarantee the continued existence of the IPU.

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