19-year-old Aliana Deveza underwent a historic operation to save her mum's life.

Photo: Aliana Deveza

Podcast series – Generation change

In co-production with the BBC, we are happy and proud to introduce a series of podcast episodes highlighting inspiring work done by members of future generations. The series hopes to showcast our future generation that is walking in the footsteps of our Nobel Prize laureates using innovative and new ways of thinking. Generation Change is a co-production by the BBC and Nobel Prize Outreach.

As of now, four episodes have been recorded and you can find more information about each episode below as well as listen to all four episodes. Happy listening!

Can we solve the problem of world hunger?

When she was 14 years old Maria Rose Belding had an idea to stop food going to waste across the United States. Today the MEANS Database she co-founded connects restaurants with charities across the United States and Canada making sure thousands of meals go to people instead of the bin. Maria Rose is one of a new generation of change-makers around the world trying to solve hunger.

In 2020, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the World Food Programme, a organisation that works to solve world hunger. Listen to our podcast episode to learn more about this global challenge that the next generation is trying to solve.


“Unlike many organs its possible for someone to give a kidney to someone they love and save their life”

Economist Alvin Roth came up with a system for helping more people donate and receive kidneys. He shared the 2012 prize in economic sciences for his work.

In this episode of ‘Generation Change’ you can listen to a beautiful story about 19-year-old Aliana Deveza who underwent a historic operation to save her mum’s life.


The battle for a sustainable environment

Chemist Frances Arnold’s discovery of a new way of directing how enzymes work formed the basis for an alternative fuel company more than twenty years ago. A question that lies very close to Arnold’s heart is sustainability and green science.

Sustainability and climate change are topics that many members of the younger generation care about as well. Kenyan engineer Norah Magero is one of a new generation working to limit climate change. She has designed a solar-powered fridge which is being used in areas with no electricity to dispense Covid Vaccine. Take a listen to hear more about her innovative fridge and hear more on Frances Arnold’s thoughts on sustainability and the next generation.


“We look at science as something very elite, which only a few people can learn. And that’s just not true”

Scientist and researcher Cynthia Chapple talks about how to get more inner-city Black girls into STEM careers. More young girls around the world speak about their dream of joining the field of science and 2020 physics laureate Andrea Ghez speaks about her experience of being a woman in science.


The podcast series ‘Generation Change’ is a co-production by the BBC and Nobel Prize Outreach.

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