National Dialogue Quartet – Interview

“It encourages us to continue the dialogue”

Telephone interview with Abdessattar Ben Moussa

Telephone interview (in French) with, Abdessattar Ben Moussa, President of The Tunisian Human Rights League, following the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, 9 October 2015. The interviewer is Hélène Hernmarck Olsson from Nobel Media, and the following transcript is an English translation of the conversation in French.

(Abdessattar Ben Moussa) Hello

(Hélène Hernmarck Olsson) Is this Mr Ben Moussa?

(ABM) Yes, that’s me.

(HHO) Congratulations. My name is Hélène Hernmarck and I am calling from the official website of the Nobel Prize in Sweden.

(ABM) Nice to speak to you. Thank you very much. It is a reward for the whole of Tunisia.

(HH0) Can I ask you two questions?

(ABM)  Yes, please. I am at your disposal

(HHO)  What does the Nobel Prize mean for the continuation of the National Dialogue you have initiated?

(ABM) Like I said, it is a reward for the whole of Tunisia. And it encourages us to continue this dialogue, because there are many socio–economic problems within our country, which are best solved with a national dialogue. We are now in a process with a dialogue regarding the conciliation. So my opinion is that it [the Prize] encourages our responsibility and we are now ready to continue our work.

(HHO) Fantastic. And what do you think awarding you the Nobel Prize says to the rest of the world?

(ABM)  Well, first it is an award to the civil society, which is important. Also for political conflicts and differences it is important. It is also an important sign to the neighbouring countries, like Libya, Syria and others. Dialogue is the only way to solve conflicts, however difficult they might be. I mean; problems can be solved by the mode of dialogue.

(HHO) Fantastic. Thank you very much Monsieur and thank you for your time. I wish you a nice evening.

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