Bio – Christian Holterman Knudsen

Knudsen, Christian Holterman

1845 – 1929

Typographer, pioneer of the Norwegian Labour Movement Labour

Christian Holterman Knudsen became chairman of the ‘Typographers’ Union in 1876. In 1883 he became chairman of Fagforeningernes Centralkomite (the Central Committee of Trade Unions).

From the early 1880s Knudsen was a leading proponent of socialism in Norway. He played an important role when the Norwegian Labour Party (Det Norske Arbeiderparti) was founded in 1887 and served as the party’s chairman in 1889-1902 and 1912-1918. He resigned from the leadership when the party congress adopted a revolutionary program inspired by the Russian revolution. Knudsen was a member of the Storting in 1906-1915. He was a deputy member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in ???. In 1924 he acted as a deputy for Konow.