Bio – Aase Wind Lionæs

Lionæs, Aase Wind

1907 – 1999

Politician Labour

Lionæs was a member of the Storting in 1958-1977. In 1965 and 1973-1977 she was a member of the parliament’s presidency and the first woman to preside over the Storting. Within the Labour Party she belonged to the right wing. Lionæs was a Norwegian delegate to the UN General Assembly in 1946-1965. She was a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1948-1978, its chairwoman from 1968.


Aase Lionæs took her Master’s degree in Economics in 1930. Early on she became engaged in political work in the Norwegian Labour movement, especially in the struggle for gender equality. From 1935 up to 1953 she was editor of Arbeiderkvinnen, “The Woman Worker” and was leader of the Labour Party’s Secretariat for Women in 1945-1953.

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