Bio – Axel Andreas Thallaug

Thallaug, Axel Andreas

1866 – 1938

Jurist and Politician Conservative

Axel Andreas Thallaug got his Master of Law degree in 1889. From 1894 he worked as a solicitor in Lillehammer. He gradually specialized in business law.

Thallaug was engaged in the local government from 1894 until he died in 1938. He was a member of the Storting in 1903-1918. As a member of the Storting Thallaug became a member of the Nordic Interparliamentary Council (Det Nordiske Interparlamentariske Råd) and attended peace conferences in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva and the Hague. Thallaug was a deputy member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1925-1936.