Bio – Carl Joachim Hambro

Hambro, Carl Joachim

1885 – 1964

Politician, Journalist and Writer Conservative

C. J. Hambro received his M.A. in 1907. He worked as a journalist in the conservative newspaper Morgenbladet from 1905 and was the newspaper’s editor in 1913-1920. He was associated with the newspaper as a literary critic until 1945.

Hambro was elected to the board of the local branch of Høyre, the Conservative Party in 1908. He soon became a prominent politician on the national level: he was chairman of the Conservative Party in 1928-1934 and 1945-1954; was a member of the Storting in 1919-1957. For most of that time he was also a member of the Presidency. As President of the Storting, he played an important role in April 1940, when he organised the escape of the Royal family and the members of the Storting. He also made sure that the Norwegian government in-exile in London had a constitutional foundation.

Hambro was actively engaged in international affairs, primarily as a Norwegian delegate in the early 1920s when he was involved in the work of the League of Nations (1926). In 1939 he was president of the League’s assembly. After the Second World War he was a delegate to the UN General Assembly (1945-1956). He was a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee in 1940-1963.